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Cloudera Enterprise

Cloudera Enterprise is defined as the following suite of Cloudera Products:

  • Cloudera Data Science Workbench

  • Cloudera Altus Director

  • Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH)

  • CDK powered by Apache Kafka

  • CDS powered by Apache Spark

  • Cloudera Manager

  • Cloudera Navigator

  • Cloudera Navigator Encrypt

  • Cloudera Navigator Key Trustee


"Documentation" means the documentation made available as part of the Software, which may be modified from time to time by Cloudera or its licensors.


"Error" means a failure of the Software to conform in all material respects with the applicable Documentation.

Major Releases

  • "Major Releases"  mean releases that contain substantial new applications and enhancements to existing applications and features, as well as occasional architectural changes.

  • Cadence: Approximately every 2 years

  • A Major Release version is represented as X.0, such as 7.0 or 8.0.

Minor Releases

  • "Minor Releases" mean releases that contain minor feature enhancements or additions that are API compatible with the current Major Release and cannot wait until the next Major Release. Because these features are introduced on top of a stable Major Release, these features are often isolated from a code perspective in order to avoid introducing instability into the Major Release.

  • Minor Releases also mean releases that contain fixes and stability enhancements for selected bugs identified in prior releases.

  • Cadence: Approximately  every 6 months

  • A Minor Release version is represented as X.X, such as 7.1 or 7.2.

Maintenance Releases

  • "Maintenance Releases" mean releases that contain a number of critical and well-tested bug fixes aimed at improving product quality and stability and generally do not deliver any new functionality.

  • Maintenance Releases for a Minor Release will stop after a new minor version is released. For example, if Minor Release 7.2 is available, there will not be any more Maintenance Releases for Minor Release 7.1.

  • Cadence: As needed.

  • A Maintenance Release version is represented as X.X.X, such as 7.1.1 or 7.2.1.

Patch Releases

  • "Patch Releases" mean releases that contain a very small number of critical bug fixes and are aimed at a particular situation or Cloudera customer and do not deliver any new functionality.

  • Cadence: As needed.

  • A Patch Release version is represented as X.X.X_patchXXXX, such as 7.1.1_patch2389.
    Notice: The delivery of patch releases are intended to temporarily mitigate high severity product break/fix situations that are unable to be resolved via software configuration changes, product usage adjustments, and lack fixes in available maintenance releases for the minor version deployed. Additional factors for delivery of a patch release include, but are not limited to issues which (1) are associated with Cloudera Releases which are maintained as active and/or do not fall within the End of Support policy, (2) are not attributed to deprecated software (with an exception being issues found on the release of deprecation), (3) are associated with an accepted fix as per the Apache Software Foundation terms and conditions, and/or (4) are not associated with a Cloudera accessible document regarding the issue.

Separately Licensed Code

"Separately Licensed Code" means software developed by third parties that may accompany the Software but is separately licensed directly by such third parties to the customer (such as third-party operating systems).


"Software" means the software product offering made available by Cloudera for which a customer has purchased support from Cloudera. This includes:

  • Cloudera Products such as Cloudera Data Platform - Data Center (“CDP-DC”)

  • Legacy Cloudera Products such as Cloudera Enterprise (“EDH”)

  • Legacy Hortonworks Products such as Hortonworks Data Platform (“HDP”), Hortonworks DataFlow (“HDF”)*, Hortonworks Cybersecurity Platform (“HCP”), and Hortonworks DataPlane Service Platform and DataPlane Service Applications (together the “Hortonworks Products”), as well as third party products for which Cloudera offers and provides support services (“Supported Third Party Products”). *Note: HDF has been rebranded Cloudera DataFlow (“CDF”). For purchases of Support for CDF made as of March 1, 2019, all references to HDF in this Support Services Policy and in applicable agreements between Customer and Hortonworks shall be deemed to also be references to CDF.

Lifecycle Phase Definitions

All Cloudera releases iterate through the following lifecycle phases:

Generally Available (GA)

  • A Cloudera release that has been declared "Generally Available" means a release that is available for commercial deployment by all licensed Cloudera customers.

  • A Generally Available release is eligible for Cloudera Support up until its End of Support Date.

End of Maintenance (EoM)

All customers continue to receive support and customers can continue to raise cases against the affected product.  Cloudera will apply commercially reasonable effort to resolve questions or issues that can be resolved without code changes. All development of regular releases is discontinued.  Cloudera will not take any Enhancement Requests; no new features will be provided, and customers cannot request HOTFIXes. Cloudera may at its sole discretion, provide security fixes that it deems to be critical security fixes (CVE score of 9.0 or higher).  At the end of this period, a product will move into “End of Support” (EoS).

End of Support (EoS)

  • "End of Support" means discontinuance of eligibility for Support Services (including but not limited to any form of maintenance or service request investigation via standard support channels from Cloudera) for a Cloudera release and will typically occur 3 years after the General Availability date of that release.

End of Support (EoS) Date

An End of Support (EoS) Date means the last date a release will be supported, including but not limited to fixing bugs and security patches.  

Cloudera reserves the right to modify this policy at its discretion with or without notice.


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