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CDP Data Developer Exam Guide CDP-3001

Please Note: This exam will soon be retired. The last day of purchase is January 31, 2023 - last day to take the exam June 30, 2024


The exam tests the skills and knowledge required by Data Developers to use the Cloudera Data Platform to design, build and maintain data applications and pipelines.

Exam Details

  • Exam Number: CDP-3001
  • Number of questions: 70
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Pass Score: 55%
    • We do not publish exam pass scores. Candidates should not be trying to achieve any particular score. Rather they should be aiming for the highest score possible.
  • Delivery: online, proctored
    • Please review the system requirements to enable online, proctored testing through QuestionMark
  • Allowed resources: none. 
    • You may not use reference materials, white papers, user guides or any other resources during your exam.
  • Support: if you need help, please email us

Cloudera Skills & Knowledge Measured

This exam measures the skills and knowledge topics listed in Table 1. below. The weighting of each topic is also listed.

Topic WEIGHT (% of exam)

Connect and move data between systems

  • Use Apache Airflow to connect and download using Rest APIs
  • Use NIFI to ingest data from various systems
  • Use NIFI to send and fetch data between HDFS and S3
  • Use Apache Spark and Nifi to load data into Apache Kudu

Build and manage a data warehouse

  • Use Impala to define tables and views
  • Use HDFS to store data
  • Use HIVE DDL to work with partitioned tables
  • Persist data mart from views into materialized views

Build, schedule, execute, and monitor data pipelines

  • Use Apache Airflow to schedule ETL pipelines
  • Use Apache Spark for Extract, load and transform data
  • Use Apache Nifi to schedule data pipelines and transform data with processors.

Clean and serve data to the end-users

  • Use Spark to read, convert and combine files
  • Create joins and cleanse data with Spark
  • Work with badly formatted dates with Spark
  • Use Impala to provide custom data marts
  • Work with Kudu and Parquet storage formats



Perform data quality checks

  • Use Spark to detect anomalies in data
  • Use Impala for performing data quality checks
  • Check file conditions with Hadoop shell commands
  • Use Hive DDL to create partitioned tables
  • Use Apache Airflow to schedule quality checks

Debug data issues reported by end-users

  • Use Impala and Spark to find data discrepancies
  • Cross check raw data and processed data

Data backup and disaster recovery

  • Use NiFi registry to create backups
  • Backup using Cloudera Data Engineering

Table 1: Exam topics and weighting

Other Skills & Knowledge

Although, not directly tested on this exam, it is assumed that the candidate also possess the prerequisite skills and knowledge listed below that may help answer exam questions:

  • Git

  • Jenkins

Suggested Training

Although optional, the Cloudera Educational Services courses listed below cover some of the same topics as listed in the table above. Real world, hands-on experience is highly recommended whether you participate in training or not.

  • CDP Admin Private Cloud Base
  • Cloudera DataFlow: Flow Management with Apache NiFi
  • Cloudera Data Engineering: Developing Applications with Apache Spark
  • Cloudera Data Platform: Designing Edge to AI Applications on Hybrid Data Cloud

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