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CDP Generalist Exam (CDP-0011) Guide


The exam tests general, broad knowledge of the Cloudera CDP platform. Unlike other CDP Certification Program role-based exams, this exam is applicable to multiple roles:

  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • Data analyst
  • Data engineer
  • Data scientist
  • System architect

Whether an experienced professional, or just starting an enterprise data career, this exam allows candidates to demonstrate their broad understanding of CDP.

Exam Details

  • Exam Number: CDP-0011
  • Number of questions: 60
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Pass Score: unpublished
    • We do not publish exam pass scores. Candidates should not be trying to achieve any particular score. Rather they should be aiming for the highest score possible.
  • Delivery: online, proctored
    • Please review the system requirements to enable online, proctored testing through QuestionMark.
  • Allowed resources: none.
    • You may not use reference materials, white papers, user guides, or any other resources during your exam.
  • Support: if you need help, please email us

Cloudera Skills & Knowledge Measured

This exam measures the skills and knowledge topics listed in Table 1. below. The weighting of each topic (number of exam items/questions) is also listed.

Topic WEIGHT (% of exam, # questions)

1. Describe function of the main components of CDP architecture

  •  HDFS
  •  Ozone
  •  Hive
  •  Hue
  •  YARN
  •  Spark
  •  Impala
  •  Oozie
  •  Kafka
  •  NiFi
  •  HBase
  •  Phoenix
  •  Kudu
25%, 15 questions

2. Describe and compare security features of CDP Public Cloud and CDP Private Cloud Base

  • Shared Data Experience (SDX)
  • CDP Public integration with cloud SSO
  • CDP Private Cloud integration with LDAP, Kerberos
  • CDP Private Cloud Base HDFS transparent encryption
  • CDP Public Cloud security features of cloud providers storage security
  • Describe how CDP protects protects data on the O/S file system i.e. (Cloudera navigator encrypt)
  • SSL/TLS implementation
  • Kerberos authentication
20%, 12 questions

3. List and describe 5 analytic experiences

  • Cloudera Data Engineering
  • Cloudera Data Warehouse
  • Cloudera Operational Database
  • Cloudera Machine Learning
  • Cloudera DataFlow
15%, 9 questions

4. Describe requirements to deploy CDP Public cloud on major cloud infrastructure providers

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • GCP
15%, 9 questions
5. Describe local system requirements to deploy CDP Private Cloud Base 10%, 6 questions
6. Describe the use and major functions of Cloudera Manager 5%, 3 questions
7. Describe the use and major functions of Workload XM 5%, 3 questions
8. Describe the use and major functions of Replication Manager 5%, 3 questions

Table 1: Exam topics and weighting

Suggested Training

In addition to real world, hands on experience, training is highly recommend in preparation for attempting a certification exam. The courses listed below cover some of the topics listed above

Other Skills & Knowledge

Although not directly tested on this exam, it is assumed that the candidate also possess the prerequisite skills and knowledge listed below that may help answer exam questions:

  • Cloud providers
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Linux
  • Network security e.g. SSL/TLS
  • User authentication, authorization e.g. kerberos, LDAP, SQL,  etc.


Thank you to those who helped design and develop this exam: Adham Bani Baker, William Dailey, Marton Klausz, Carlo Lazzaris, Lester Martin, Xavier Morera, Mary Myers, Nathan Neff, Francois Reynald, Yogesh Sharma, Tristan Stevens, Kai Voigt, Tom Wheeler

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