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Our new integrated learner’s platform is now available at This new platform replaces both our previous University and OnDemand platforms.

Once you log in or create a new account, you can navigate to the learner’s dashboard to access your course enrollments and training history.

Access and login FAQ

Does the new Cloudera learner’s platform have a new URL, or will it be accessed via the same URL as the old platform?

The new learner’s platform has a new URL,

Can I use the same login credentials to access the new platform?

Yes. The learner’s platform will continue to use single sign-on (SSO) with your account for authentication. You will continue to sign in using your login and password. Note that, upon signing in to the new platform for the first time, you should review your profile to ensure that your Name and Country are correct, as well as your Company if relevant.

I do not have an account on the old platform. What do I need to do to set up an account on the new platform?

As a first time user, you will need to register with to create an account before accessing the learner’s platform. To set up a new account, go to the platform home page. You will be redirected to the SSO page where you can find an option to register.

When will the old platform become unavailable? Will both platforms be accessible concurrently for any period of time?

The old platform is no longer accessible. The new platform is currently live and available at

Instructor-led training (ILT) FAQ

On the new learner’s platform, am I able to access all the courses that were previously available?

Yes. Our instructor-led training offerings are not changing. The complete catalog will still be available once we cut over to the new platform. 

Private Instructor Led Training Classes: Private classes will continue to be scheduled via the Cloudera Educational Services team.

Public Instructor Led Training Classes: For details on our public class schedule, and those of our partners, please contact

Is my purchase and attendance history be migrated to the new platform?

No. Details for any ILT training purchased or completed in the past will not be migrated. For inquiries about your training history, please contact

Am I still able to self-register for public classes with the new platform?

Yes, but for a short period of time after initial launch of the new platform, you will need to contact to inquire about the public schedule for a particular course.  Cloudera Education will send you a link for you to complete the self-registration.

OnDemand training FAQ

Are my purchases and completion history migrated to the new platform?

Yes. Your OnDemand purchases and completion history will be migrated to the new platform, but only the past 2 years of data. Details for any OnDemand training purchased or completed more than 2 years ago will not be migrated.

If I started a course but did not complete it, is my progress transfer to the new platform?

No. Enrollments in OnDemand library courses not completed on the old platform will be migrated to the new platform with a status of ‘not started’. If there are courses that you started but did not yet complete, you will need to retake chapter quizzes you already have passed. We recommend completing any in-progress courses before May 18, 2022.

Do my OnDemand courses continue to be available at

No. Cloudera OnDemand training courses will be migrated to the new learner’s platform, and the old platform will be retired. The new URL is

Is a separate login still required to access OnDemand courses?

No. All Cloudera OnDemand courses will be directly accessible from within our new single, integrated learner’s platform. To access, users will continue to use their account credentials for authentication.

Am I able to access the same courses on the new platform?

Most of our OnDemand courses will be transferred with a new look, but not all. We have retired some courses. Here is a list of courses that we do not expect to migrate:

  • Administrator Training for Apache Hadoop
  • Cloudera Director: An Introduction
  • Cloudera Security Training
  • CDP for CDH Users (general audience)
  • CDP for HDP Users (general audience)
  • CDP Private Cloud Fundamentals
  • Deploying and Scaling Cloudera Enterprise on Microsoft Azure
  • Introduction to Apache Kudu
  • Introduction to Cloudera Manager

Note that a new version of the Cloudera Data Science Workbench Training course will be released in the very near future. 

Is the balance of my time allotment for lab environment access migrated to the new platform?

Effectively, yes. The time allotment is managed by the service that hosts the environments. You will still have access to your same environments with your existing remaining time.

I have only purchased individual course titles on the old platform, not a library subscription. Do I continue to have access to the individual course(s) I purchased on the new platform?

Yes. Although individual courses can no longer be purchased on the new platform, we will honor existing purchases.

Are student question forums still available on the new platform?

Yes. You will be able to post questions as they arise, and interact with other students on their posts.

Have the system requirements changed for participation in OnDemand hands-on labs?

No, the system requirements for hands-on environment access have not changed. You can find the requirements here.

Certification FAQ

Am I able to purchase all of the current certification exams on the new platform?

Yes, all current CDP certification exams will be available on the new learner’s platform.

Is my certification history be migrated to the new platform?

All CDP certification exam history will be migrated. For legacy CDH and HDP exams, history for only currently valid (non-expired) certifications will be migrated. Unused vouchers that have not yet been redeemed against a specific CDP exam will be migrated to a placeholder exam eligibility that can be redeemed against one of our CDP exams.

How do I purchase a certification exam on the new platform?

All exams will be listed and available for purchase in the new platform. Once a purchase is made, an email will be sent containing instructions on how to schedule and take an exam in Questionmark.

Do I continue to have access to Credly for CDP certification credential verification and badging once Cloudera moves to the new learner’s platform? 

Yes. Cloudera will continue to use Credly for CDP certification credential verification and badging.

If you have any questions not answered here, please contact us!

For OnDemand queries contact

For Certification queries, please contact

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