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TCS Active Archive

Active Archive empowers organizations to manage their enterprise data efficiently, in compliance with regulatory and industry requirements.

Cazena Big Data as a Service

Cazena addresses a broad range of analytic workloads with pre-built solutions. Once the Cazena service is set up, enterprises can provision and move data into any of these solutions in three clicks

Qlik Modernized Analytics for Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance is constantly changing! This solution combines Cloudera, Trifacta, and Qlik to ingest, visualize, and automate this critical process.

Tibco Spotfire Content Analytics

Discover the Human Side of Big Data

Nokia Motive Customer eXperience Solutions

Nokia Motive Customer eXperience Solutions (CXS) let you consolidate your device management and customer care activities across fixed and mobile services. They help you reduce OPEX and total cost of ownership (TCO) while providing experiences that secure customer loyalty and boost your Net Promoter Score®.

FICO Analytic Cloud

A web-based infrastructure for creating, customizing and deploying powerful, analytics-driven applications and services.

Anomali Threatstream

Anomali ThreatStream combines threat data from feeds and other sources with data from inside the network to surface relevant threats to an organization.

Ticksmith TickVault

TickVault is a big data platform for storing, managing, analyzing and delivering structured and unstructured financial data such as trade & quote history, news and events, research, corporate actions and more.

E8 Security Security Analytics

E8 Security Fusion platform is transforming security operations by automating the learning of user and device behaviors to discover malicious activity unknown to security analysts, resulting in improved alert quality and accelerated investigations to make security operations more proactive.

Informatica Customer 360

Discover critical customer data faster with an an optimized data ingestion and governance strategy.

Kogentix Asset Maintenance Prediction (AMP)

Kogentix AMP makes it possible to build, manage, monitor, and deploy AI applications leveraging cost effective, scalable open source software.

Location Based Insights (LBI)

LBI helps business better understand their customer, customer journey, buying patterns, interests, and also to be responsive to a dynamically changing competitive landscape.

Intel Apache Spot for Cybersecurity

Spot expedites threat detection, investigation, and remediation via machine learning and consolidates all enterprise security data into a comprehensive IT telemetry hub based on open data models.

Syncsort Big Frame

Syncsort helps move critical data and storage from legacy systems into Cloudera Enterprise to reduce storage cost and prevent data loss.

Accenture Insights Platform

Simplifying analytics for businesses with cloud-based insights platform. Analytics-as-a-service solution drives transformational business outcomes at speed and scale.

DataRobot Direct Marketing

DataRobot predicts which credit card transactions are most likely fraudulent based on transaction characteristics.

SAS Customer Intelligence 360

Customer-level digital data merged with traditional data sources yields a 360-degree customer view. Imbedded predictive marketing analytics engenders a deeper customer understanding. Engage with customers contextually across inbound and outbound channels. And craft compelling customer experiences tailored to each unique customer's journey.

Datameer Customer Analytics

Datameer is an end-to-end big data analytics application that runs native on Cloudera, enabling you to get from raw data to insight faster than any other solution on the market.

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