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Tibco Spotfire Insight Platform

Interactive, Visual Analytics for Hadoop and other Big Data Stores

Arcadia Data Cybersecurity Visual Analytics

Arcadia collaborates with Cloudera’s cybersecurity team by jointly contributing to the Spot project, to provide pre-built dashboards and visuals for Cloudera’s cybersecurity solution.

Amdocs Contexual Digital Engagement

Personalized and adaptive customer journeys

Syncsort Big Frame

Syncsort helps move critical data and storage from legacy systems into Cloudera Enterprise to reduce storage cost and prevent data loss.

Anomali Threatstream

Anomali ThreatStream combines threat data from feeds and other sources with data from inside the network to surface relevant threats to an organization.

Intel Apache Spot for Cybersecurity

Spot expedites threat detection, investigation, and remediation via machine learning and consolidates all enterprise security data into a comprehensive IT telemetry hub based on open data models.

Acxiom Marketing Analytics Environment

With the Marketing Analytics Environment, you can bring together online and offline data to get a complete, 360-degree view of your customer—and improve the ROI of your customer acquisition and retention.

Deloitte Customer Next Best Offer

Performs pattern analysis and gain insights about customer behaviors to enable our clients to appropriately and efficiently fit future product and service offerings to their customers on a highly individualized basis.

Location Based Insights (LBI)

LBI helps business better understand their customer, customer journey, buying patterns, interests, and also to be responsive to a dynamically changing competitive landscape.

Accenture Cyber Intelligence Platform

Mind-blowing behavioral intelligence that alerts you to never-before-seen threats. It's part artificial intelligence, part machine learning and part extreme analytics.

Accenture Insights Platform

Simplifying analytics for businesses with cloud-based insights platform. Analytics-as-a-service solution drives transformational business outcomes at speed and scale.

Cognizant SightPrism

Cognizant SightPrism™ provides customer data aggregation and analytics for multi-channel data acquisition, analysis and visualization to create a rich data ecosystem collected from across all digital channels and from third-party lifestyle and social data. Linking the data together using sophisticated analytics capabilities provides a comprehensive picture of a customer’s digital journey allowing companies to make decisions fast so they can proactively address issues or opportunities.

Cazena Big Data as a Service

Cazena addresses a broad range of analytic workloads with pre-built solutions. Once the Cazena service is set up, enterprises can provision and move data into any of these solutions in three clicks

Context Relevant's Cybersecurity Application

The Context Relevant platform uses machine learning to enable the rapid creation of intelligent applications that deploy at enterprise scale, reacting automatically to trends and changes that occur in the underlying environment, updating dynamically, and improving over time. That’s the power of Automated Data Science.

CenturyLink Managed Services - Analytics

A comprehensive Big Data solution integrating Cloudera Hadoop Managed Services on CenturyLink Cloud Bare Metal Servers and Data & Advanced Analytics consulting expertise, delivered over our secure infrastructure and network.

Cognizant BigFrame

Mainframe offloading solution that delivers up to 60% in cost savings with zero compromise on performance.

Cognizant BigDecisions

Use data-driven insights to improve the customer experience and optimize business processes.

CounterTack Sentinel

Counter advanced endpoint threats in real-time. Sentinel delivers unprecedented visibility and context around targeted, persistent threats for a comprehensive approach to endpoint detection and response.

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