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Solution overview

WASP avoids integration efforts with Cloudera components ( Kafka, HDFS, HBase, Solr ) and it provides an abstraction to drive the developer into the right streaming patterns. The entire data pipeline is represented by the concept of "Pipegraph", a direct acyclic graph of data transformations. It relies on a mix of Lambda and Kappa architecture, to gain the best of both approaches. 

Each data transformation step has a read step, a business logic and a write step. Read and Write phases are driven by configuration, then you can change the structure of the Pipegraph without touching your code. The business logic instead is pluggable in Scala, Java or SQL, working with standard Spark api.

The usage of WASP provides:

  • An improvement of the productivity of the implementation phase of a streaming data pipeline
  • The traceability of the data pipeline
  • A business level representation of the pipeline
  • Deeper integration with cloudera environment
  • Out of the box functionalities like: telemetry, events engine, log collection
  • No Vendor lock-in because is open source

Key highlights

IoT/ Connected Products

About Agile Lab
Agile Lab is a specialized Italian start-up that aims to generate value for companies creating advanced Big Data Intelligence software systems through which it is possible to better manage their data, support the business in the main relevance decisions or discover new opportunities.

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