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Arcadia Data Visual Analytics for Cybersecurity

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Arcadia Data partners with Cloudera to provide pre-built dashboards and visual applications for Cloudera’s cybersecurity solution based on Apache Spot. Building on Cloudera provides a modern, open architecture that makes it possible to plug into a shared dataset and infrastructure.

Complete Enterprise Visibility with Out-of- the-box Visualizations

In addition to employee privacy and vendor confidentiality, shareholders and the board expect that intellectual property is protected and reputational, prosecutorial, and compliance risks are mitigated.

Arcadia provides visualizations of all data across diverse digital endpoints, networks, and user information. This enables analysts to quickly identify cyber threats, effectively perform forensic analysis, and hunt for the unknown.

• Arcadia provides pre-built dashboards using open data models (ODM) from Apache Spot

• Real-time dashboards enable security teams to assess and monitor their security posture across the hyper-connected infrastructure

• Contextual drill downs into complete historic data along any aspect of network traffic, endpoints, and user data on the same screen, eliminate the need to switch between tools

Accelerated Threat Detection, Investigation and Response

Cybersecurity threats are dynamic events perpetrated for any reason by any internal or external party, using both physical and cyber points of entry. Arcadia integrates directly with machine learning to accelerate threat detection and response.

  • Distributed visual analytics and BI engine runs on each Hadoop node for scale

  • Closed-loop navigation through to granular data, rather than summarizations

  • Visualize historical and real-time data in a single platform

  • Fast ad-hoc and iterative analysis

  • Simple browser-based UI allows security analysts to explore all necessary data

  • Visual data blending cross references and correlates across various data sources

Data-native Visual Analysis Architecture Built in Cloudera Enterprise

Arcadia’s data-native approach provides more insight and depth of knowledge to alerts because it leverages both real-time and historical data in the same data application.

With Cloudera plus Arcadia Data, security operations centers gain complete enterprise visibility while enabling advanced threat detection through machine learning. This approach enables CISOs to keep up with the changing threat landscape and safeguard their organization’s reputation.

Certified on Cloudera, Arcadia opens up value to security operations centers while providing seamless integration and easy administration.

  • Deployment, Management and Configuration

  • Arcadia is integrated into Cloudera Manager for parcel-based installation

  • Container-based pooling & isolation

  • Authentication

  • Kerberos, LDAPS/AD, PAM and SAML

  • Single-sign on for end users

  • Authorization

  • Apache Sentry integration with delegation

  • Arcadia role-based privilege model (RBAC)

  • SSL for internal and external connections

  • Encryption at Rest (HDFS encryption zones)


Key highlights

Lower business risks 

About Arcadia Data
Arcadia Data offers Arcadia Enterprise - is the first converged Visual Analytics and BI platform for Big Data native to Hadoop. Unlike traditional BI approaches that rely on a complex stack of legacy data management technologies that need to extract data out of Hadoop, Arcadia Data does it all, running directly on Hadoop clusters. It lets enterprises put Hadoop-scale data to use through easy-to-build secure, web-based visual apps that you can build with drag-and-drop ease -- scaling to hundreds of billions of records.


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