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IT optimization

Designed for new adopters of Hadoop, IT optimization include:

  • Data storage
  • Data warehouse optimization
  • Extract, transform, and load (ETL) data integration process functions offload
  • Active Archive

Operational optimization

Designed for advanced adopters of Hadoop, operational optimization can include:

  • Customer profiling
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Compliance
  • Credit Scoring
  • Predictive maintenance

Business transformation

Designed for visionary adopters of Hadoop, business transformation can include:

  • Internet of Things (telematics, manufacturing, and supply chain)
  • Customer 360-degree view
  • Enterprise risk assessments

Key highlights

Modernize Architecture

About Atigeo
Atigeo Corporation is a compassionate technology company for a wiser planet. The xPatterns® platform, Atigeo’s flagship big data analytics product, generates knowledge from all available data to deliver previously unforeseen insights, predict outcomes, and mitigate risks. xPatterns revolutionary analysis is localized, responsive, adaptive and automated, which means organizations can quickly deploy a solution, extend existing technology investments, broadly scale and apply learnings in a timely manner to solve the most complex business problems. Atigeo serves customers across healthcare, cyber, defense, energy, and financial services. 

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