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Solution overview

Axual has developed a real-time event-driven platform based on Apache Kafka which allows all kind of organizational entities (applications, departments, companies) to exchange data in real-time.

Platform features:

  • Powerful at the core: based on and fully compatible with Apache Kafka ™, trusted by 1/3 of the Fortune 500
  • Data Lineage: tracking and tracing individual messages and their origin
  • Security: remain in control of which applications see which data. With our fully-equipped security mechanism, you can easily provide and revoke access to streams.
  • Data Governance: be transparent about what kind of data you have in house. With our platform you really help your developers on the road by showing what kind of messages are shared on that stream and you make clear which message layouts are used.
  • Data Center Failover: a mechanism that allows applications to continue streaming 24/7, even when a Kafka cluster temporarily fails.
  • Easy and unambiguous connection: with the Axual Client Library we offer a way to enable application builders to connect quickly to the streaming platform. Think of hours instead of days or weeks!
Axual platform diagram

Positive business outcomes

  • Customer interaction - Reach your customers faster at the right time with the right message
  • Partner and ecosystem integration - Exchange information efficiently with partner organizations
  • Process Execution - Accelerate batch and processing processes in real-time
  • Sensor Data Processing - Process and manage all information that arrives via sensors

Key highlights

Modernize Architecture

About Axual
Axual helps you with challenges in real-time data processing. We do this by providing you with real-time data solutions, tools and services that you need to immediately and actively respond to the wishes of your customers and business partners. Our strategy is to develop the best platform possible for managing large-scale data streaming. We co-operate with partners for consultancy, implementation etc.

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