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Brain Management - Log Intelligence Management System (LIMS)

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Solution overview

LIMS accelerates the process of data collection, preparation of data models and their enrichment with structured operational data, minimizing time passed between logs collection and their analysis, providing a holistic vision of background phenomena. LIMS manages the entire log analysis in all its phases, from data collection to Advanced Analytics.

LIMS allows users to quickly extract and visualize the value hidden in their logs, thanks to its visual interfaces that guide the users and the seamless integration of algorithms of Pattern Recognition, Predictive Analysis, Anomaly Detection, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

With LIMS it’s possible to promptly identify and predict anomalies, to deeply examine processes, to reduce reaction times, quickening the implementation of corrective actions on troublesome applications and improving the whole development cycle.

LIMS in addition to his ML library makes it easier to use R, Python or Scala to prepare models and execute them on the cluster and to manage the model’s lifecycle.

LIMS is natively integrated with the company’s security systems.


Key highlights

Process and Product Improvement

About Brain Management
Brain Management is a consulting company and system integrator based in Italy. All its consultants are certified and working on Big Data Projects since 2011, with expertise in Administration, Data Science, Development and Data Analysis. Brain Management is Cloudera Training Partner delivering courses in Italy.

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