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Solution overview

In the field of digital marketing, sophisticated analytics tools have become essential to the process of generating customized offers targeting specific customers or groups of customers. These targeted offers, often called “customer next best offers” are based on insights gathered by analyzing data from many sources and are intended to create higher success rates compared to uniform offers. The truth is however, that many targeted offers still fall flat, with conversion rates commonly as low as one to two percent.

Achieving a higher rate of success with targeted offers requires deep insight, which in turn requires both the right business processes and the right technology to sort through the extensive possibilities that are buried deep in your data. That’s where Deloitte can help.

Deloitte has developed the Customer Next Best Offer Accelerator to bring you the right technology and the right business processes that you need to increase the effectiveness of your customer next best offers. The accelerator combines Deloitte’s deep experience in digital marketing and analytics with Cloudera Enterprise, a leading technology platform for Big Data.

Actionable insights in real-time can turn consumer interest into purchases. Real-time analytics map the user journey and generates actionable insights that can allow you to respond quickly with a customer next offer and convert interested prospects into purchasing customers.

Our Customer Next Best Offer Accelerator maps consumer profiles to specific customer segments. We then use pattern analysis to gain insights about customer behaviors and apply a sophisticated algorithm to select the most appropriate customer next offer. In addition to considering the customer interest rating for various products, our recommendation engine also considers the actions of other users in that segment when faced with a similar situation. The resulting recommendations are based on offers that have worked well in similar situations and for which a high degree of customer interest has been shown.

Key highlights

Customer Analytics

About Deloitte
Deloitte Consulting LLP helps organizations grow their businesses and enhance value by identifying actionable insights. More than 23,000 professionals provide a broad range of capabilities across human capital, strategy and operations, innovation and technology that are aligned to the particular needs of specific sectors, businesses and organizations. Deloitte provides clients with leading business insights that can help generate a tangible and measurable impact.

Partnership highlights

  • Combines Deloitte’s recognized leadership in Analytics and Technology services with Cloudera’s popular Hadoop-based data management platform
  • Offers deep, vertical expertise from Cloudera-trained consultants
  • Delivers industry-specific solutions to accelerate customer time-to-value

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