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Deloitte Internet of Things Accelerator

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Deloitte’s Internet of Things Accelerator is based on the open-source/open standards technology stack recommended by Cloudera: StreamSets for data ingestion, Cloudera for storage and processing and Zoomdata for data visualization. Developed by Deloitte in collaboration with Cloudera, StreamSets and Zoomdata.

Positive Business Outcomes

Deloitte’s IOT platform will help organizations in multiple industries (insurance, utilities, energy, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, telecommunication, public sector) to process and analyze IOT data in real-time, allowing them to make sounds business decisions with the latest data. This could result in increase revenue, lower cost or lower risks.

Solution Detail

Deloitte’s IOT Accelerator acts as a template of ready-built technical components that helps facilitate and expedite solution delivery and time to value. With some customization, The IOT Accelerator can be used to provide real-time data ingestion, processing, storage and visualization capabilities for streaming IOT data from sensors, connected car, equipment and medical devices.

Data ingestion pipeline developed by Deloitte utilizing StreamSets

Data ingestion pipeline developed by Deloitte utilizing StreamSets

Real-time data visualization developed by Deloitte utilizing StreamSets

Real-time data visualization developed by Deloitte utilizing StreamSets.

Required Capabilities

  • Experience with Cloudera Enterprise, StreamSets and Zoomdata is required. Some development experience in python, javascript, java or scala is nice to have.

Key highlights

Drive Customer Insights

About Deloitte

Deloitte is one of the "Big Four" accounting firms and the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and number of professionals. Deloitte provides consulting, audit, tax, enterprise risk and financial advisory services with more than 244,400 professionals globally. In FY 2016, the company earned a record $36.8 billion USD in revenues. As of 2016, Deloitte is the 6th-largest privately owned organization in the United States.


  • Deloitte’s extensive experience in various industries such as utilities, energy, mining, telco, public sector, transportation, etc.
  • Deloitte’s partnership with Cloudera, Zoomdata and StreamSets gives it access to the latest technical resources.
  • Focus on open source/open standards.

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