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Digital Reasoning Synthesys

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Here’s how Synthesys applies human-like reasoning to your data (documents, emails, spreadsheets, social media etc.):

  1. Read - Synthesys reads through all your data and highlights the important people, places, organizations, events and facts being discussed.
  2. Resolve - Synthesys takes those highlighted points and determines what’s important, connecting the dots together.
  3. Reason - Synthesys figures out what the final picture means to you by comparing it with the opportunities, risks and anomalies you’re looking for.

Key highlights

Lowering business risks

About Digital Reasoning 
Digital Reasoning is a leader in Cognitive Computing. We build software that understands human communication – in many languages, across many domains and at tremendous scale. Digital Reasoning's solution, Synthesys, adds the brainpower of thousands of people to a team. It reads and understands vast volumes of data at blazing-fast speeds. Synthesys differs from other data solutions in the fact that it learns. Synthesys finds order in data and transforms unstructured information into structured insights. 



Detecting Insider Threats and Human Risk with Hadoop and Cognitive Analytics for Big Data

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