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Solution overview

We live in a world of transparency, largely due to the accessibility of wireless technology. Our environment may be unpredictable, but it is observable. Through these observations we are able analyze perils (now), hazards (soon), risk (!), and exposure ($), considering "how will this affect my operations?" and "who needs to be notified?"

The ability to provide real time notification, analysis, metrics of impact to business operations and supply chain hot spot clustering, expert planning tools to prepare for and address the unpredictable environment.

Make fewer, but better decisions with DXC IoT Analytics.

DXC's Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics Services are built upon an open geospatial mapping platform known by the registered trademark "OmniLocation". It is built on a robust, fully integrated and managed big data environment and offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), Managed Hosting, or as an independent application to rapidly identify and apply analytic insights.


  • Real time analytics that provides real time notification, analysis, metrics of impact to business operations and supply chain.
  • Purpose built analytic applications that leverage emerging technologies and newer analytic modeling techniques to provide greater differentiation, greater business insights and improved decision making.
  • Fast, optimized field service schedule, with configurable weighting of efficiency, customer needs and preferences.

It covers four separate areas of industry. Situational Intelligence for Supply Chain Management, Remote Resource Optimization, Industrial Site Management & Predictive Maintenance and Tracking Enterprise Visibility. Enterprise Visibility includes Event Management, Shipment Tracking, Geo-fencing and Notification. It reviews the company’s recorded data for:

  • Full Enterprise Visibility: Warehouses, Delivery Trucks, Destinations, All sites, not just delivery.
  • Supply Chain Updates: Compare request to delivery, Updated continuously, Warehouse resupply.
  • Analytics: Performance metrics with Power BI Interface.
  • Accountability: Time Definite Delivery, Automated Auditing and Fleet Management.

The same information which creates a geospatial interface here provides the data for deep analytics, showing a few of the hundreds of different analysis that are possible. It provides users many different views of the real time data when looked at by comparing routes, looking back in history, looking back in time to see which deliveries were most efficient as well as how many products were delivered and on what schedules. It provides performance metrics considering all the relevant parameters.

Key highlights

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Partnership highlights

  • Hosted Big Data solution takes the complexity out of gaining insights from your data
  • DXC Analytics Platform with Cloudera has passed both HIPAA and PCI compliance hurdles
  • Quick deployment means fast time to value

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