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Fortscale User/Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

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Fortscale was designed to make the lives of security analysts easier. We build the only pure-play machine learning UEBA product on the market. No rules to write. No limits on what Fortscale can detect. From its intuitive alerts and investigations, to its self-tuning anomaly detection and risk scoring.

Fortscale user/entity behavior analytics (UEBA) solution helps you end insider threats with a totally new generation of autonomous machine-learning technology. Our UEBA solution can examine logs from all of your other applications too, even your custom and proprietary mission-critical systems.

  • Data ingestion and enrichment - Behavioral data is automatically ingested from your SIEM and enriched with contextual data.
  • Baselining and anomaly detection - Multi-dimensional baselines are created autonomously and statistical analysis reveals any deviations.
  • Data analytics and risk scoring - Higher level analytics and risk scores are applied to reflect the risk an anomaly represents to your organization.
  • Rapid response investigation tools - SMART Alerts and one-click investigations give analysts everything they need to validate a detected threat.
  • Alert forwarding - Leverage your existing security investment to consume threat insights through a single pane of glass.

Key highlights

Lower Business Risk

About Fortscale
Fortscale ends insider threats with a totally new generation of rule-free, autonomous behavior analytics based on machine learning. With no rules to set up, Fortscale’s user behavior analytics engine starts getting smarter the second you turn it on. Fortscale models your users and systems autonomously, on-the-fly. Fortscale spots anomalous behavior quickly, accurately and doesn’t need constant “babysitting.” It might sound like magic, but it’s mostly just really good math – and only Fortscale has it. Backed by Intel Capital and Blumberg Capital, Fortscale ends insider threats, lowers analyst stress-levels and makes your whole security operation work a whole lot better.



Identify insider threats faster with the latest generation of user behavior analytics

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