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Fusionex Giant

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Fusionex GIANT 2016 is a complete end-to-end analytics platform package that not only handles data compilation and cleaning but also turns it into easy-to-understand visuals. It allows you to detect trends and discover insights from your data, skipping the unnecessary complexities of hardcore Apache Hadoop and MapReduce programming.

Humanizing data discovery

Getting answers has never been easier. By just asking GIANT 2016’s Smart Query feature questions, you will gain instant access to insights from your data. What’s more, no software engineering skills are necessary for this.


GIANT 2016’s tools for self-service data preparation reduces the time it takes for users to prepare reams of data for analysis.

Foolproof connectivity

Don’t let incompatible information get in the way of data analysis. With GIANT 2016, you can easily connect to data from any source.

See beyond

GIANT 2016 uses R programming language to perform advanced predictive modeling and uncover hidden information in your data.

Analytics Anywhere

GIANT 2016’s convenient mobile platform gives you the flexibility of analyzing on-the-go. Take your business with you and stay on top of things wherever you are.

Key highlights

Modernize Architecture

About Fusionex
Fusionex is an established multi-award winning IT software group that specializes in Analytics and Big Data. Our business is to help clients manage, make sense of and derive useful insights and information from the vast amounts of structured and unstructured data at their disposal. We are focused on bridging the gap between business and technology, and in doing so, providing an exceptional and positive experience to customers of various markets.


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