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Solution Overview

Oracle databases are the strategic component behind many mission-critical applications within an enterprise. Oracle databases, especially when residing on Oracle Exadata hardware, are responsible for the largest and most important data sets a company generates and maintains. While Oracle database and Exadata implementations can deliver excellent availability and performance when processing data for the applications that generate it, it can be extremely difficult to share this valuable data with other applications or platforms.

Together, Gluent and Cloudera enable organizations to make more data-informed decisions easily with a solution that can offload the data locked away in Oracle databases and store it in a modern data warehouse for greater scale and analytical capabilities without changing or breaking legacy application access.

Gluent Data Platform, consisting of Gluent Advisor, Gluent Offload Engine, and Gluent Query Engine, helps organizations offload data and workloads from their Oracle databases to the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) without code rewrites, while minimizing disruption and accelerating ROI. With CDP, an enterprise data cloud, organizations manage and secure the end-to-end data lifecycle to drive actionable insights and data-driven decision-making. The CDP-certified Gluent technologies allow for quick and easy migrations and cloud-native analytics, delivered in a secure, cost-efficient, and scalable manner.

Business Outcomes

Gluent and Cloudera make it possible for you to easily ingest Oracle data for all enterprise data use cases. The solution helps businesses to:

  • Access all enterprise data, including transactional data from Oracle databases, within CDP and CDW.
  • Take a seamless approach to data movement. No code ETL and no data duplication to move your Oracle data to CDP and CDW.
  • Increase performance. Gluent Data Platform pushes processing from Oracle to CDP, so you can enjoy the speed and availability of a modern distributed computing platform.
  • Analyze data within 3 days of installing Gluent Data Platform. Realize savings immediately instead of months or years of code conversion efforts.

Metrics and Proof Points

  • 3 days to insights! Day one to install Gluent Data Platform. Day two to virtualize the data model and offload data to CDP. Day three to begin analyzing and unlocking valuable insights!
  • Total Cost of Ownership reductions of 50% or more when compared to legacy on premise systems
  • Average performance increase of 7X
  • Enterprise storage reduction up to 40X with no data duplication. Drop the data from Oracle that you move to CDP and Gluent’s Query Engine will ensure your applications don’t know the difference.


Gluent and Cloudera jointly provide solutions that:

  • Empower companies to move their data and workloads quickly and easily from legacy data warehouses, such as Oracle and Exadata, to the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), while also minimizing disruptions to applications.
  • Automate data movement from legacy Oracle databases to CDP and hides the movement from downstream applications with data virtualization, further reducing the effort in getting to CDP.
  • Help to quickly begin shrinking the legacy data warehouse footprint, reducing hardware, storage, and software needs.
  • Enable positive ROI in weeks, instead of years, and provides the best path to a complete migration away from legacy data warehouses.
  • Preserve data exactly as it was on the Oracle database to meet governance & compliance mandates.
  • Eliminate the need to retrain Oracle DBA’s or developers immediately to receive value from CDP platform.
  • Keep data in CDP in-sync with changes made on the mainframe through seamless integration with Gluent Offload Engine’s CDC capabilities.

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Modernize Architecture 

About Gluent

At Gluent we’ve solved the data liberation problem. With our technology, you can transparently offload data from enterprise RDBMS silos into modern data platforms, while keeping all your existing application code unchanged. The data will not be locked into a single silo anymore but will live on a scalable, modern data platform such as Cloudera. Once the data is virtualized, all your other applications and databases with appropriate permissions can now also consume this data on-demand via Gluent Data Platform, without affecting the original application’s performance.

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