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Kyligence speeds up mission critical analytics

Kyligence Enterprise is a unified analytics platform that simplifies Big Data Analytics for business users, analysts, and engineers. Self-service, seamless integration with BI tools, and no requirements for programming skill. Kyligence supports CDH both on-premises and in the cloud.

Powered by Apache Kylin
Apache Kylin is a leading open source OLAP on Hadoop that provides ANSI-SQL interface and multi-dimensional OLAP for massive datasets. With powerful technology of pre-calculation, Apache Kylin enables sub-second query latency on PB-scale dataset. Kyligence is founded by the co-creators of Apache Kylin.

Enterprise OLAP on Hadoop
Kyligence Enterprise is Hybrid OLAP architecture, which enables both mission critical analytics in sub-second latency, and flexible discovery capability over SQL data sources like Impala, SparkSQL etc.

Intelligent Data Modeling
Kyligence’s intelligent assistant provides auto suggestion for data model optimization and performance tuning. And advanced functions are optimized to be efficiently supported, such as Precise Distinct Count, Top-N, Percentile and other custom-functions.

Seamless BI Integration
With ANSI-SQL standard supported, Kyligence Enterprise is fully integrated with most leading BI software including Tableau, Excel, PowerBI, Microstrategy, Zeppelin, Superset etc. Kyligence continues your BI investment to extend for Big Data Analytics without pulling data to your BI servers.

Enterprise Features
With its reliability and easy DevOps, Kyligence can smoothly blend into enterprise IT systems. Users can access big data on different level of granularity at project level, table level, row level or cell level. Also Kyligence supports Kerberos, SSO, LSAP for high security requirement environment and cases. Moreover, Kyligence is scalable to supports high-availability and load-balance.

Positive Business Outcomes

We’ve seen lots of enterprise use cases from various industries like Financial, Manufacturing, Telecom, Retail and so on. Depending on Hadoop distributed technology and powerful parallel computing capabilities of Cloudera CDH, KAP can improve query performance by 2000 times, and achieves as high as 1000+ concurrency performance via linear scalability.

Metrics and Proof Points

A customer migrated from traditional OLAP solution to Cloudera CDH + Kyligence, the results are as following:

  • Improved performance: improve query performance by 2000 times, save 75% time to build cube in Kyligence rather than traditional cube solutions.
  • Support authority profile and cube data stored in separated storage; after adopted Kyligence, the total number of cube is reduced to dozens, that tremendously mitigates the pressure for system operation and maintenance.
  • Support both multidimensional analysis and detailed data query, that greatly simplify development workload.
  • Support high concurrency query: 50 visits/sec with single instance on single node, and concurrency capability can be scaled out with business growth.


In most resource-intensive systems, queries compete for runtime resources and performance declines when the workload is high. To solve this problem, Kyligence uses the technology of pre-calculation to accelerate analytics to sub-seconds on massive datasets.

Key highlights

Modernize Architecture

About Kyligence
Kyligence’s mission is to accelerate critical business decision by cutting edge data cognitive analytics. Founded by the team who created Apache Kylin, Kyligence provides a machine learning powered analytics platform automates data discovery, interactive and insight at web scale.

Required capabilities
A Hadoop ready environment is required to install Kyligence Enterprise


Kyligence Analytics Platform

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