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MetiStream Ember

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MetiStream is bringing a unique approach to how healthcare users can build and deliver their own machine learning analytics and insight in an intuitive and interactive way. We are extending the next generation healthcare interoperability standard called FHIR (Fast Healthcare interoperability Resource) into the advanced analytics continuum to shorten the implementation timeframes and cost. Our solution will provide the ability to develop predictions around patient risk, improve care and increase patient engagement.

Problems in healthcare analytics

Healthcare organizations are struggling to access their data and build meaningful analytics that can be shared in a simple way with their patients, clinicians and staff in real-time. It takes too long, costs too much money and most of the insights and analytics are not interactive or easy to share with the end patient or other healthcare end users. Accessing healthcare data can take over 60-70% of the effort and deploying analytics to an application can take even more time.

Solution overview

MetiStream’s healthcare analytics solution is called Ember (named after the marriage of FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource) and Spark). The solution empowers clinicians, researchers, analysts and data scientist to build their own analytics and insight and share the insights interactively with patients, administrators and staff without having to always depend on IT. Ember extends the next generation healthcare interoperability standard called FHIR to standardize healthcare data and accelerate predictions around patient risks and healthcare operations. Furthermore, Ember enables better patient and physician engagement and collaboration.

Ember is built on industry leading big data technologies such as Hadoop and Spark. Ember can be supported on-prem or in the cloud. Ember leverages key components of the Cloudera stack.

Solution features include:

  • Dynamically generate Machine Learning Model application and user interface based on model features and attributes
  • Real-time access to EHR using the FHIR (Fast Healthcare interoperability Resource) standard to access patient specific profile
  • Interact and change patient information and analytic features and attributes in real-time to conduct “what if scenarios” against the model to evaluate various risk profiles
  • Use of FHIR to streamline healthcare data interoperability
  • Allows for model access across the organization and use without moving the data


  • Decrease time and cost of analytic deployments by over 60%
  • Increase patient engagement
  • Empower clinicians
  • Improve patient care

Key highlights


About MetiStream
MetiStream is a Big Data services and solutions company specializing in healthcare integration and analytics. We aim to help our customers realize and fully utilize their data leveraging the best of what big data and analytics technologies has to offer. As a Cloudera partner for over three years, we and have worked with Cloudera to implement numerous solutions across various industries. We specialize in Spark and healthcare. Joint customers include Rush University Medical Center, Quintiles IMS, Humana, Evariant, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Explorys, Barclay Cards, Pearson Education, Master Card and others.

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