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Microstrategy Business Intelligence Platform

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MicroStrategy is an enterprise grade Business Intelligence platform that provides drivers for all supported RDBMS platforms to generate optimized SQL that takes advantage of database specific functionality. MicroStrategy applications can achieve industry-leading data scale due to its reliance on the processing power and data management capabilities of the underlying database. MicroStrategy can push down the analytics to the database in the form of optimized SQL queries and visualize the data of the result sets per the report and dashboard specification. Query performance in many data warehouses is enhanced using aggregate tables. MicroStrategy’s SQL Engine is aggregate-aware and determines the use of aggregate tables transparently at query time.

Key highlights

Drive Customer Insights

About Microstrategy
Provided ability to store and provide statement information for customers ad-hoc instead of mailing paper statements. In addition, able to keep 10 years of transaction data online to meet regulatory compliance


Case Study

MicroStrategy Case Study-Adconion Direct


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