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Rocana Ops challenges all the assumptions

Legacy IT monitoring approaches come with a built-in assumption that visibility must be constrained by technology, cost, or both. Rocana Ops completely redefines what is possible. Capture millions of events per second from thousands of diverse sources totaling petabytes per month. Search and analyze all data for years starting from the moment it is captured. Intelligently automate real-time action and alerting to any vital condition in your environment. Scale, without downtime or the need to manually rebalance or re-index anything, simply by adding another commodity x86 server. All with a predictable user seatbased pricing model that doesn’t change based on data volumes or age.

Monitor all sources, all the time, with one unified solution

Your IT systems interact in complex ways. Seeing those interactions requires capturing all your operational data into a single unified solution that lets you interleave and correlate data from different systems as needed. With Rocana Ops, you can capture machine generated data from virtually any source. This includes SaaS or on-premise applications, PaaS (e.g. Cloud Foundry), IaaS (e.g. AWS, OpenStack), VMs, databases, web servers, firewalls, network switches, wire (e.g. ExtraHop), mobile endpoints, and much more. Even machine generated business and user metric data such as APM and website clickstream data can be captured using Rocana Ops.

As data is ingested into the Rocana Ops event data warehouse, it passes through many of the same high value-add services you’d expect to find in a premium business data warehouse. These include transformation services (e.g. cleansing data or enriching it with data from other sources, such as an IP lookup service), analytics services including aggregation and anomaly detection, indexing services for maximum search performance, local replication services for high availability, and remote replication services for disaster recovery (if enabled and configured). In addition, Rocana Ops’ built-in data lifecycle management service enables you to pre-establish policies for automatically purging data as soon as it reaches a specified age.

Key highlights

Modernize architecture 

About Rocana
Rocana gives technology leaders total operational visibility, eliminating the silo boundaries of legacy IT monitoring and enabling digital transformation. Rocana Ops acts as a central nervous system for enterprise IT, capturing event data from all sources, processing and instantly analyzing events at scale so that IT can take informed and immediate action. By combining total operational visibility with advanced machine learning and intelligent automation, Rocana Ops gives IT the ability to see and react instantly to emerging issues anywhere in the environment and surface opportunities for innovation. 

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