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Solution overview

Simudyne is an industry agnostic toolset used by firms to:

  • Examine the impact on liquidity, capital and asset pricing by stress testing key business drivers
  • Streamline supply and value chains to drive down working capital
  • Optimise revenues and profits
  • Examine the impact of financial regulation
  • War-game competitive bidding strategies
  • Optimise marketing mix and product feature set for new product launches
  • Quantify potential insurance losses from pandemics
  • Forecast prices to inform trading strategies
  • Determine resilient and adaptable disaster management strategies
  • Model the impact of geo-political shifts on assets

Key Benefits Include:

  • Automated work-load distribution
  • On-premise or cloud-based and elastic
  • Models & data remain proprietary to the firm
  • Run infinite what-if scenarios
  • Many users running secure, parallel simulations
  • Interactive visual dashboards with fully customisable user interfaces
  • Financial firms can create high-fidelity models of complex markets
  • An open source & open API approach
  • Leverages enterprise ready languages and accessible talent pool
    (Java, Scala & Spark)

Key highlights


  • Protect your business
  • Drive customer insights

About Simudyne
Simudyne (, is a leading provider of simulation software to a number of industries including Financial, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Central and Local Government and a number of other sectors.

Simudyne powers infinitely scalable simulations that transforms the way that our customers make decisions. Simudyne provides the tools to model possible future outcomes and can simulate the actions of billions of interacting individuals, allowing organizations to engage in new forms of risk management and forecasting.

Within the financial markets Simudyne’s AI agents are being used to analyse and understand financial models, stress test against economic crises and to explore the implications of important decisions before making them in the real world. Simudyne enables our customers to build large-scale orchestrated and distributed computational simulations across their existing Cloudera infrastructure and at a significantly lower cost to stand-alone solutions.


Computational Simulation Whitepaper


Augmented intelligence for banking and other industries with Simudyne and Cloudera

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