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Spotfire Predictive Analytics

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Predictive Analytics with TIBCO Spotfire

Predictive analytics--learning from the collective experience of your organization to make better decisions in the future--have entered the mainstream of business analytics, and TIBCO Spotfire has been at the forefront of this transformation. With Spotfire Predictive Analytics, you can anticipate emerging trends, take preemptive action to minimize risk, and make better decisions with much greater confidence. Whether you’re leveraging your existing predictive models from other applications, creating new models from scratch using TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R, R or S+, or using Spotfire’s Predictive Modeling Tools to create new predictive models, Spotfire’s predictive capabilities will help you quickly improve customer satisfaction and gain competitive advantage.

Having the strategic advantage of predictive analytics allows your company to be the leader when changes happen, and to minimize risk when the expected changes are on the downslide. Being able to make predictions accurately from data analysis means you are ready long before the competition realizes what’s happening. You get first crack at results due to emerging trends and can move forward confident that you are not stepping off into unknown territory. Accurate predictions are valuable in business, just as in weather forecasting. Go enjoy the beneficial markets and take cover when those markets slide. Predictive analytics is just good business!

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Modernize architecture 

TIBCO takes businesses to their digital destinations through smart technologies that interconnect everything and augment intelligence, giving organizations an unprecedented understanding of their immediate context and the ability to seize even the shortest-lived opportunities. The TIBCO platform, a connected set of technologies and services based on 20 years of innovation, serves the needs of all parts of an organization—from technical to business teams. Thousands of customers around the globe differentiate themselves by relying on TIBCO to power innovative business designs and compelling customer experiences.



Predictive Analytics with TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R

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