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Powerful financial big data management

TickVault is a big data platform for storing, managing, analyzing and delivering structured and unstructured financial data such as trade and quote history, news and events, research, corporate actions and more. It is ideal for exchanges, data vendors, trading groups and regulators who need to cost effectively manage and extract value from mountains of financial data.

  • Accumulate and manage 1 to 1,000 TB+ of structured and unstructured data
  • Offered as a complete managed service
  • Flexible and rapid implementation
  • Comprehensive web interface
  • Data management and transformation
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Cost effective
  • Specialized data modules

TickVault leverages the latest big data technologies, including Hadoop, to provide scalability and fast processing.

TickVault also remove the complexities associated to these new technologies and provides out of the box functionality.

Key hightlights

Lower Business Risk

About Ticksmith
TickSmith is a leader in Big Data applications for the brokerage ecosystem. Its TickVault platform is used for data centralization, distribution, market surveillance, strategy discovery and analytics. It was designed for trading and risk groups, regulators, exchanges and vendors who must accumulate, transform, analyse and disseminate scales of data from multiple sources. TickVault manages structured and unstructured data, exchange & tick data, reference data, FIX, back-office, media content, time-series, statements and more. Delivered as a complete solution, TickVault can be added to existing Hadoop clusters, is available SAAS and as an appliance with hardware.


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