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Zwoox Data Ingestion Solution

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Solution overview

Zwoox allows you to ingest your data simply and securely, without the need for coding or have any ETL development skills. Zwoox specifically targets the challenge of data consolidation into the Hadoop eco-system, fully leveraging Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub capabilities.

Zwoox provides a framework that allows you to manage your data ingestion into Hadoop in the simplest, fastest and most secure way, standardising all your processes. This framework gives you the precious last mile for data ingestion into your Data Lake that CDC tools don't guarantee and that are not solved by just using  Apache Sqoop. Based on proven Hadoop Technologies (such as Apache Spark, Apache HBase and Apache Kafka), Zwoox is highly scalable and allows you to turn your data accessible without the need to consolidate and normalise data (CDC for each source) or arrange data (formatting and exporting). With Zwoox, you get consistent performance, without the need to code individual data pipelines for every data source or to have ETL development skills. This tool only requires that you know which tables you need to import and how you want them to be stored in the cluster.

Data ingestion with Zwoox diagram

With Zwoox you will be able to accelerate your data processing by having numerous options on how to import your data (you can even replicate any RDBMS DML in near real-time into target Hadoop structures). Plus, if you are a power user, you can also leverage Zwoox extensibility and develop custom transformations for specific usage (e.g. GDPR data masking/anonymization) by adding your custom solutions to the configuration of the intended targets.

Zwoox key features include:

  • CDC or batch (full or incremental) based ingestion support
  • Automatic Partitioning, based on existing or derived columns
  • Data type translation
  • Derive new columns based on custom/pluggable code
  • Full Audit history

Solution Benefits

Zwoox will allow you to set up continuous ingestion of tables faster than before. You can set up hundreds of tables in a fraction of the time it would take to develop, test, deploy custom ETL for that. Also, since Zwoox is fully integrated with Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub and is able to leverage its scalability, in particular Spark, it can grow to support virtually any number of ingestions.

Zwoox as a platform enhancer can positively contribute to business outcomes is a number of ways:

  • It automates time-consuming repetitive tasks, reducing operational costs
  • Enforces best practices, reducing business risks
  • Normalizes data ingestion, reducing time to data
  • Reduces time and effort on ETL, reducing costs and improving control
  • Accelerates Data Lake Operationalisation and Management, reducing time to data
  • Helps avoid custom frameworks and development effort, that push costs up and control down

Key highlights

Modernize Architecture

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Solution Brief

Zwoox: Data Ingestion Made Easy

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