Why Open Source Matters


When Cloudera’s chief architect Doug Cutting founded the Apache Hadoop project, it was with an open source vision firmly in mind.

And since its inception in 2008, Cloudera has been strongly committed to a community-driven, open source Apache Hadoop distribution.

Its tangible benefits for our customers include:

  • Freedom from lock-in

  • Extended evaluation and testing, with no obligation

  • Rapid innovation on a global scale

  • Community-driven development across the ecosystem - to extend, modify, and enhance the platform collaboratively

Open Source Helps Us Evolve the Platform for Your Needs

These benefits are powerful and time-tested. That said, they are just “table stakes” when deploying a strategic open source platform like Hadoop.

Cloudera also leads the way to ensure that customer needs for performance, availability, security, and recoverability are met by new features in the Apache code base, and then shipping/supporting those features for customers in our platform. To make that goal possible, Cloudera employs more ecosystem committers, establishes more successful new ecosystem projects, and contributes more code to that ecosystem, than any other vendor.

With far more customers in production and far more enterprise experience than any other Hadoop vendor, Cloudera is uniquely qualified to understand their needs and has proven to be the best partner for meeting them.

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Facts About Cloudera & Open Source

  • Cloudera is the first and original source of a supported, 100% open source Hadoop distribution (CDH) – which has been downloaded more than all others combined.

  • Since 2006, Cloudera employees have been the leading contributors of code into Core Hadoop and related projects.

  • Approximately 65% of all Hadoop-related tickets that are closed/resolved by a distribution vendor employee (and nearly 40% overall) are assigned to Cloudera employees (source: Apache JIRA), and our support engineers are omnipresent on project mailing lists (and in some cases, write patches themselves).

  • Cloudera engineers currently occupy 80 Apache Committer seats across all Hadoop projects and several employees are ASF Members (the foundation’s highest level of merit).

Open Source Projects Founded by Clouderans

Other Open Source Contributions

Cloudera has also contributed to numerous other open source project including Apache's HBase, Hive, and Pig, as well as Hadoop LZO, HTrace, JCarder, JTrace, Jenkins, MooTools, Record Breaker, and the US FDA Adverse Drug Event System.