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91% customer satisfaction

Key Highlights




Headquarters:  Lima, Peru

Solution highlights

  • Modern Data Platform: Cloudera Enterprise
  • Cloud: Microsoft Azure
  • Workloads: Data Warehouse, Operational Database
  • Key Components: Apache HBase, Apache Hive, Apache Impala, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark
  • Databases: Oracle

Applications supported

  • Web-based business intelligence application

Data sources

  • Data warehouse


  • 80 percent reduction in deployment time, from six months to 16 weeks
  • 91 percent customer satisfaction
  • US$76 million (S/250 million) in new deposits annually.
  • Turned previously unused data into a business asset

Big data scale

  • 90 TB

Banco de Crédito del Perú has turned data into a business asset for its customers, delivering new B2B services that generate incremental revenue streams. Implementing Cloudera on Microsoft Azure allowed it to get to market very quickly—reducing development time by 80 percent.

Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP), part of the Credicorp Group, is the leading supplier of integrated financial services in Perú. The bank has approximately US$39 billion in total assets, and a market share of 30.4 percent in total loans and 33.5 percent in total deposits.


One of BCP’s guiding principles is customer centricity, which is demonstrated daily through its innovative products and services. BCP’s Crecemás (meaning Grow More in Spanish) is a prime example.

This web-based business intelligence (BI) application allows BCP commercial clients to view key performance indicators (KPIs) about their business, their clients, and, even, their competition. The platform analyzes a wealth of anonymized financial and transactional data, including 50 percent of all national credit card transactions, to support business decisions.

However, to make applications like Crecemás possible, BCP had to break down data silos.

“We needed to modernize our architecture to accompany our digital transformation,” said Erick Jaramillo Salazar, manager of BCP's Big Data Center of Excellence.


BCP powers its business intelligence tool, Crecemás, with Cloudera on Microsoft Azure. 90 terabytes of data from the company’s mainframe and data warehouse is combined and uploaded to Cloudera on Azure for analysis. An automated process encrypts and anonymizes data before it’s loaded into the cloud for analysis and visualization of KPIs based on customer debit and credit transactions.

As a result, Crecemás users now have the following insights:

  • Business insights including frequency of visit, total amount of sale, and average ticket

  • Customer insights segmented by gender, age, place of origin, income level, digital profile, type of card, and loyalty

  • Competitive insights from establishments that are considered competition based on their type of sale and physical distance

“We’ve turned information into a business asset that delivers substantial value to our clients,” said Erick Jaramillo Salazar.”

Salazar’s team is also using Cloudera to create new “data towns” to drive other digital products, as well as a new corporate data lake to enable self-service analytics and empower a data-driven culture focused on continuous improvement and innovation.

“By changing the way we manage the data, we can promote more collaborative work and are closer to the needs of our customers,” said Erick Jaramillo Salazar.


Fast time-to-market for new products and services is vital in today’s rapidly moving marketplaces. Using Cloudera on Microsoft Azure, BCP could reduce development time by 80 percent and efficiently deploy the solution in just fourteen weeks, with its personal data protection and security policies replicated in the cloud.

“Cloudera SDX is very important because it can help us maintain data governance and security in a hybrid environment,” said Erick Jaramillo Salazar. “Our Cloudera data lake is primarily on prem, but we have implemented Cloudera on Azure for Crecemás as it offers the elasticity along with innovative AI tools and libraries that we need.”


Crecemás stands as a prime example of BCP’s work to transform data into a business asset to better serve customers and generate incremental revenue. Approximately 970 businesses currently use this innovative service. Customer satisfaction scores have soared to 91 percent, exceeding the company’s goals. Additionally, BCP has gained US$76 million (S/250 million) in new deposits annually.

With the Crecemás project, BCP can provide a competitive advantage for its business customers, and continue to position itself as a company seeking innovation, efficiency and simpler operations.

-Erick Jaramillo Salazar, Manager, Big Data Center of Excellence, BCP

There’s much more to come, according to Erick Jaramillo Salazar. Last year, several members of his team developed a real-time offers and benefits app for BCP’s digital innovations competition using the Cloudera platform. The app won first place in the competition and is now being deployed to help the company tailor offers and improve the customer experience.

“We have ambitious goals and see many possibilities for the future that we can develop with Cloudera,” said Erick Jaramillo Salazar. “Our path is just beginning.”

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