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Accumulo Key Features

Secure Data Delivery:

Built with the table and cell-level security required to serve data to diverse sets of users with varying levels of permissions and security clearance, for complete and secure government applications.


Store data of any type — structured, semi-structured, unstructured — without any upfront modeling. Flexible storage means you always have access to full- fidelity data for a wide range of analytics and use cases.

Near Real-time Speed:

Perform fast, random reads and writes to any type of data stored all within the single platform.


Automatic, tunable replication means multiple copies of your data is always available for access and protection from data loss. Built-in fault-tolerance means servers can fail but your system will remain available for all workloads.

Hadoop Scalable:

Designed for massive scalability, so you can store unlimited amounts of data in a single platform and handle growing demands for serving data to more users and applications. As your data needs grow, you can simply add more servers to linearly scale with your business.

Common Use Cases

Originally created by the National Security Agency (NSA), Accumulo is the ideal solution for government agencies looking to build secure, real-time applications, including:

  • Sessionization

  • Real-Time metrics and analytics

  • Graph data

  • “Internet of Things” applications

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Cloudera & Accumulo

Integrated across the platform

As an integrated part of Cloudera’s platform, Accumulo benefits from unified resource management, simple administration (through Cloudera Manager), and compliance-ready security (through cell-level access controls) — all critical for running in production.

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Cloudera’s commitment to Accumulo

Cloudera is actively involved with the Accumulo community, with committers on-staff to continue to drive Accumulo innovations. As a deeply integrated part of the platform, Cloudera has built-in critical production-ready capabilities, especially around reliability and administrative ease.

Cloudera’s engineering expertise, combined with support experience with large-scale production customers, means you get direct access and influence to the roadmap based on your needs and use cases.

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Partnered with the ecosystem

Seamlessly integrate with the tools your business already uses by leveraging Cloudera’s 1,700+ partner ecosystem. With a robust partner certification program, we are continuously working to build out production-hardened integrations between Accumulo and the most popular third-party tools.

Expert support for Accumulo

Trained by its creators, Cloudera has Accumulo experts available across the globe ready to deliver world-class support 24/7. With more experience across more production customers, for more use cases, Cloudera is the leader in Accumulo support so you can focus on results.

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