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Same SQL Skills. More Efficiency. Better Insights.

Quickly Discover Relevant Data

Easily search and discover relevant tables, views, and columns across all databases, including cloud-native object stores, for faster and more robust analytics. Ensure data can be trusted immediately with embedded data stewardship and end-user tagging for further categorization and project-focused organization.

Intelligent Query Design and Assistance

The only SQL editor with usage-enriched intelligence to make SQL users more productive and protect against rogue queries. Drag and drop tables and columns, quickly design queries with autocomplete pop-ups, and get query recommendations based on usage and best practices for efficient, iterative exploration and analytics.

Save and Iterate across Teams

Eliminate siloed analytics and BI with seamless and secure sharing and collaboration. Save queries and result sets for future use, share them across users or departments, and set access permissions directly to protect even the most sensitive data.

Cloud-Native Integration

Browse, query, and save results across all databases both on-premises and in cloud environments. Hue integrates with the entirety of Cloudera’s platform, including storage engines, Apache Kudu and Amazon S3 object storage, Apache Hive for data preparation, Apache Solr for free-text analytics, and Apache Impala for high-performance SQL analytics.

Extend Analytics to Data Scientists and Analysts

For those more comfortable with R, Python, or Scala, Cloudera’s platform also enables self-service data science with the Cloudera Data Science Workbench, all over the same shared data. And the platform integrates with all the leading BI and visualization tools, such as Tableau, Qlik, Zoomdata, and many more, so the business can continue using the tools they already rely on now with the flexibility and scale of Cloudera.

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Expert support for Hue

Cloudera has Hue experts, trained directly by its creators, across the globe for world-class support 24/7. With more experience across more production customers, for more use cases - Cloudera is the leader in Hue support so you can focus on results.

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