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HUE Key Features

Free and Open Source:

HUE is Apache Licensed and built and maintained by an active developer community.


HUE is completely web-based so you can load, query, process, visualize, and analyze data in multiple ways, directly from your browser. No client installations needed.

Packed with Apps:

HUE includes web applications that let you browse HDFS and Apache HBase files, write Apache Hive and Impala queries, export data with Apache Sqoop, submit MapReduce programs, build custom search engines with Apache Solr, and more.


HUE also includes an SDK that lets you build your own apps that can take advantage of centralized services for configuration management, collaborative UI, and basic user administration and authorization.

Partnered with the ecosystem

Seamlessly integrate with the tools your business already uses by leveraging Cloudera’s 1,700+ partner ecosystem. With a robust partner certification program, we are continuously working to build out production-hardened integrations between HUE and the most popular third-party tools.

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Expert support for HUE

Cloudera has HUE experts, trained directly by its creators, across the globe for world-class support 24/7. With more experience across more production customers, for more use cases - Cloudera is the leader in HUE support so you can focus on results.

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