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Next-generation operational database

As businesses move to a modern data strategy, the operational database is undergoing a transformation from a center of day-to-day records to the data engine that powers mission-critical decisions. Cloudera delivers a real-time, scalable operational DB that serves traditional structured data alongside new unstructured data within a unified open-source platform. 

Operational DB workflow diagram

Key benefits & features

Your business moves in real time. Your data should as well. Cloudera Operational DB enables stream processing and real-time analytics on continuously changing data, ensuring the latest data and analysis can be injected into decision making.

Cloudera DataFlow     Apache SparkTM

Drive new business insights on a single platform designed for web scale. HBase delivers a column-based NoSQL store for multi-structured data, enabling enterprises to bring together and process more data of all types and from more sources (including IoT). Phoenix abstracts the underlying data store and facilitates data access with a familiar SQL interface.


Apache HBase   Apache Phoenix

Modern businesses are turning toward data applications to empower their workforce and automate operations. As data sets, data-driven applications, and number of data users grow, Cloudera provides linear scalability in performance at a manageable TCO, while providing developers with the processing flexibility they need.

Designing and building data applications


On-premises, public cloud, or hybrid—you choose where and how to deploy. With Cloudera’s flexible and portable distribution, you can elastically and cost-effectively move between your data center and the cloud or even between public clouds.


Deploy in the cloud


Edge to AI diagram

From the Edge to AI

Cloudera delivers a unified experience through a portfolio of technologies spanning real-time streaming, operational database, data warehouse, and machine learning. Cloudera Operational DB is an integral part of  the Edge to AI experience that enables organizations to build real-time, mission-critical, data-driven applications that support high concurrency and robust scale.

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Experience your data. Your way.

Business-critical challenges can’t be solved with discrete analytics applications running in silos. Tackling complex, data-driven problems such as driving customer insights, connecting products and services, or reducing business risk requires multi-function applications working as one. Cloudera SDX is a powerful data fabric that makes multi-disciplinary analytics easier to develop, less expensive to deploy, and more secure. Only SDX delivers a shared data experience that works for your data, your analytics, and your people—your way.

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Product highlights

Enabling data-driven applications is optimized because of the following Operational DB capabilities:

  • Fast: Real-time model serving with <5ms latency and limitless concurrency with >100M updates per second
  • Easy: Stream and bulk ingest and process, process automation, consolidation of multiple databases, schema flexibility, as well as its SQL and NoSQL interface
  • Scalable: Multi-petabyte scale and unlimited tenants
  • Highly available: Advanced replication and synchronization topographies as well as multiple backup methodologies
  • Multi-tenant-capable: Resource isolation as well as throttling and quotas
  • Secure: Role-based access control and fine-grained authorizations (e.g., tenant, table, cell)

Key use cases

Serve real-time data at scale

Inject real-time data and analysis into decision points across the organization:

  • High concurrency and low latency ensure all users can access data
  • Data-based applications distribute custom, easy-to-digest information
Model scoring & serving

Build and score models on operational data for prevention, optimization, prescription, and prediction:

  • Increase conversion rate of cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Better predict creditworthiness and lifetime customer value


IoT - Operational and Monetization

Leverage IoT to evolve or change your business model and operations for greater efficiencies:

  • Provide an up-to-the minute picture of the status of the fleet through real-time monitoring, alerting, and diagnosis
  • Deliver massive economic value by enabling new business models.
Operational Excellence

Achieve operational excellence by reducing TCO, improving efficiency, and eliminating threats:

  • Decrease network downtime via predictive maintenance enabled by active collection and monitoring of network data
  • Optimize equipment performance and costs using real-time IoT analytics
Customer 360

Address the far-reaching effects of the shift in consumer expectations by enabling a holistic view of your business and your customers, from all products, systems, devices, and interaction channels:

  • Deliver a consistent, personalized, context specific, and relevant experience
  • Build churn prediction models to identify “at-risk” customers and proactively target them with retention programs


Operational DB Use Cases

Build mission-critical applications with Cloudera Operational Database


Cloudera Enterprise: One platform, many applications. Deployed anywhere.

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