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Scalable, flexible, and enterprise-ready. Operational database in the cloud.

As organizations cast a wider net to collect more real-time and updating data, they need the flexibility to quickly provision new clusters in the cloud in addition to on-premises. Cloudera enables you to run a scalable, enterprise-grade operational database in any cloud environment.

Stored in the cloud. Accessed anywhere. Served in real time.

Data is driving modern business. Cloudera’s operational database delivers the right data at the right time, enabling decision makers across industries to guide their organizations toward improved efficiency, new customer insights, better products, better services, and decreased risk. Deploying in the public cloud extends these impressive on-premises capabilities by providing additional cost and convenience benefits associated with the rapid provisioning and decommissioning of cloud workloads.

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Cloudera’s operational database + cloud: an easy decision that makes decisions easy.

Increase convenience

Provisioning that’s as fast as it is easy enables rapid testing of new software, new upgrades, and new use cases.

Decrease costs

Low-cost, remotely located cloud storage reduces the cost of BDR; rapid provisioning ensures development, and testing uses only what it needs.

Grow and shrink on demand

Elastically scale your cluster, then shrink or terminate as business demands and SLAs change.

Technology benefits: Cloudera ODBMS in the public cloud

Cloudera Enterprise delivers the market’s most versatile operational database: a real-time, scalable platform with the ability to serve traditional structured data alongside unstructured data within a single open-source platform. These capabilities translate directly to the public cloud, with the additional benefits of ease of use, reduced costs, and portability between on-premises and multiple cloud vendors.

Public clouds offer Cloudera customers the opportunity to quickly and easily provision new clusters for the deployment of an operational database. On-premises deployments can sometimes take months to execute as IT teams are slowed by procurement processes or queues for resources. In moving to the cloud with Cloudera, customers have the option to move workloads to an on-premises or a different public cloud at a later time, giving them the full flexibility to execute POCs, test, and prove new use cases quickly, and deliver more value to the business through rapid iteration.

In addition to ease of deployment, the public cloud offers potential cost savings. Cloudera customers leveraging the rapid deployment of new clusters can also benefit from cheap storage and tight provisioning of resources. The ability to do burst provisioning when resources are tight enables an elasticity in your aggregate data center that circumvents the costly need to plan for peak workloads. Snapshots for backup and disaster recovery moved to cheap storage, such as S3, provide geographical dispersement and reliability at an affordable rate.

A flow chart displaying an Operational Database Cloud Architecture

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