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CCA HDP Administrator Exam (CCA121)

  • Number of Questions: 8–10 performance-based (hands-on) tasks on Cloudera Enterprise cluster. See below for full cluster configuration
  • Time Limit: 120 minutes
  • Passing Score: 70%
  • Language: English

Exam Question Format

Each CCA question requires you to solve a particular scenario. In some cases, a tool such as Hive may be used. In most cases, coding is not required.

Evaluation, Score Reporting, and Certificate

Your exam is graded immediately upon submission and you are e-mailed a score report within three days of your exam. Your score report displays the problem number for each problem you attempted and a grade on that problem. If you fail a problem, the score report includes the criteria you failed (e.g., “Records contain incorrect data” or “Incorrect file format”). We do not report more information in order to protect the exam content. Read more about reviewing exam content on the FAQ.

If you pass the exam, you receive a second e-mail within a week of your exam with your digital certificate as a PDF. Please mind, this type of exam is not providing you with any credential ID or license number.

Audience and Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites required to take any Cloudera certification exam. The CCA HDP Administrator exam (CCA121) follows the same objectives as Cloudera HDP Administration and the training course is an excellent preparation for the exam.

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Required Skills


  • Install Ambari Server from the Internet
  • Use Ambari Server to install Ambari Agents on multiple nodes
  • Use Ambari Server to install HDP services onto multiple nodes

High Availability

  • Use Ambari Server to install HA for NameNode
  • Use Ambari Server to install HA for ResourceManager
  • Use Ambari Server to install HA for HiveServer2 and Metastore
  • Use Ambari Server to configure rack awareness


  • Change the HDFS data block configurations of HDFS
  • Using Cloudera documentation change the NameNode Java heap size per sizing recommendations
  • Change the container configurations for HDFS
  • Add or delete a new service to the HDP cluster
  • Install and configure Ranger
  • Install and configure Knox Gateway


  • Manual configure users and groups in Ambari server
  • Use Linux commands to add users and groups


  • Change thresholds on alerts
  • Create alert groups and assign alerts to the alert groups
  • Create notifications and assign notifications to the alert groups
  • Respond to an incidents by determining the most recent changes
  • Compare and contrast previous configurations to the current configurations
  • Where appropriate roll back a change to the previous known state
  • Restart an HDP service to ensure the configuration is deployed to the daemon
  • Identify misconfigurations on a HDP service and correct these to return the service to operations


  • Add a new node to an existing cluster
  • Rebalance a HDP cluster after expanding capacity


  • Create a YARN queue and configure the minimum guaranteed and max allowed capacity
  • Assign users and groups to YARN queues
  • Assign default queue mappings to YARN queues
  • Limit the number of jobs in a YARN queue
  • Share a YARN queue between users
  • Assign different schedulers to a YARN queue


  • Follow the recommended practice to shutdown a worker to facilitate maintenance on the OS
  • Use the hdfs dfs command to create and delete directories
  • Use the hdfs dfs command to add and remove data into HDFS directories
  • Use hdfs fsck command to determine block count
  • Use hdfs dfsadmin command to report dfs data availability on all worker node


  • Create a snapshot of a HDFS directory
  • Copy a snapshot from one HDP cluster to a second HDP cluster
  • Recover a snapshot
  • Delete a snapshot

Exam delivery and cluster information

CCA121 is a remote-proctored exam available anywhere, anytime. See the FAQ for more information and system requirements.

CCA121 is a hands-on, practical exam using Cloudera technologies.  Each user is given their own cluster using software versions HDP 3.1 and Ambari 2.7.3.

All websites, including Google/search functionality, is disabled. You may not use notes or other exam aids.

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