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CDP Administrator - Private Cloud Base Exam Guide CDP-2001


The exam tests the skills and knowledge required by system administrators to successfully manage and maintain the Cloudera Data Platform - Private Cloud Base.

Exam Details

  • Exam Number: CDP-2001

  • Number of questions: 70

  • Duration: 90 minutes

  • Pass Score: 60

  • Delivery: online, proctored

    • Please review the system requirements to enable online, proctored testing through QuestionMark

  • Allowed resources: none. 

    • You may not use reference materials, white papers, user guides or any other resources during your exam.

  • Support: if you need help, please email us

Cloudera Skills & Knowledge Measured

This exam measures the skills and knowledge topics listed in Table 1. below. The weighting of each topic is also listed.

Topic WEIGHT (% of exam)


  • Identify Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Private Cloud Base Requirements
  • Install Cloudera Manager and Cloudera Runtime
  • Configure a Repository for Cloudera Manager
  • Install Java Development Kit
  • Install and Configure Databases
  • Set up and Configure the Cloudera Manager Database
  • Set Up a Cluster Using the Wizard
  • Enable Auto-TLS and Kerberos
  • Install and Configure Apache Ranger, Apache Ranger KMS and Apache Ranger RMS
  • Install Apache Knox
  • Installing Cloudera Navigator Key Trustee Server, Encrypt and Key HSM
  • Manage standard configuration files




  • Manage storage layer of Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) such as OS Filesystems, HDFS, Ozone
  • Maintain Data Continuity and Replication
  • Backup of critical and business essential data, being able to determine and prioritize which data should be backed up


  • Perform the steps to add and remove users and groups on Cloudera Manager
  • Manage and maintain Users and Groups (Local and external) and assign required roles as required
  • Manage access to resources by creating policies, including tagging of resources and assigning policies to users and groups


  • Perform health check on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Clusters, troubleshooting, support patching, upgrades, and migrations.
  • Build and maintain monitoring dashboards and determine which key performance indicators are important to manage and monitor
  • Check service and role logs to determine correct operation of a cluster (Cloudera Manager and CLI)
  • Execute the appropriate Cloudera Manager API commands to get service/cluster details
  • Manually triggering collection and transfer of Diagnostic Bundles to Cloudera
  • Monitor and ensure correct operation of all cluster services 
  • Check existing cluster configuration issues using one of the many available methods, for example dashboards, logs, or creating alerts and modify configurations as required
  • Manage Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) incidents, collecting all logs that are relevant for troubleshooting, and work with Cloudera support to identify and fix issues that affect correct cluster operation


  • Secure assets using of Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) via the use of Apache Ranger and Apache Atlas 
  • Perform audit investigations to react to security threats and identify potential security threats
  • Control access to cluster resources 
  • Setup TLS encryption for Cloudera Manager using either manual TLS or Auto-TLS
  • Manage Kerberos authentication for Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)
  • Enable Apache Ranger Authorization and Plugins for services which allows controlling access to resources via the use of policies

Table 1: Exam topics and weighting

Other Skills & Knowledge

Although, not directly tested on this exam, it is assumed that the candidate also possess the prerequisite skills and knowledge listed below that may help answer exam questions:

  • Cloud providers

    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    • Microsoft Azure

    • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Linux system management

  • Network security e.g. SSL/TLS

  • User authentication, authorization e.g. kerberos, LDAP, SQL,  etc.

  • Red Hat Ansible IT automation

  • Relational database management

Suggested Training

Although optional, the Cloudera Educational Services courses listed below cover some of the same topics as listed in the table above. Real world, hands-on experience is highly recommended whether you participate in training or not.

  • Administrator Training: CDP Private Cloud Base

  • CDP Data Governance with SDX

  • Building Secure Clusters

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