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Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) is a fully integrated edge to AI product set. Cloudera Manager is purposely built as the DevOps tooling for building and managing Cloudera Data Platform. This four-day hands-on course presents detailed explanation, comprehensive theory, key skills, and recommended practices for successful platform administration. Upon completion of this course a CDP Administrator will learn the full range of functionality and capability of Cloudera Manager in supporting Cloudera Data Platform.

This course provides an in-depth explanation and skills to become highly productive with Cloudera Manager and Cloudera Data Platform. Cloudera Manager is a full featured and mature DevOps tool. It is used to install, configure, operate, troubleshoot, report, and upgrade CDP. Many CDP Administrators only use a fraction of the capabilities built into Cloudera Manager. This course teaches the architecture, deployment, configuration, logging, reporting, REST API, and much more. The course provides references for architecture and recommended practices used by enterprises around the globe

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What you'll learn

This course teaches installation, configuration, operation, management, incident resolution, and troubleshooting of Cloudera Manager.

What to expect

This course is an entry point for aspiring CDP Administrators and any CDP Administrators not well familiar with the full range of Cloudera Manager capabilities. Students must have a background in Linux and knowledge of SQL. Students must have access to the Internet to reach the classroom environments, which are located on Amazon Web Services.

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Course Details

Cloudera Manager Design

  • Roles of a CDP Administrator
  • Getting aboard the classroom environment

Cloudera Manager Architecture

  • Cloudera Manager server-agent architecture
  • CDP architecture

Deploying Cloudera Manager

  • Creating an air gap repository
  • Install Cloudera Manager

Configuring Auto-TLS

  • Basic TLS
  • Creating the jssecacerts file
  • Deploying CM as a Root CA

Configuring Kerberos

  • Basic Kerberos
  • Deploying Kerberos

Deploy CDP Services

  • Install Cloudera Manager Agents
  • Install CDP Runtime

Navigating within Cloudera Manager

  • Navigating Cloudera Manager
  • Search with Cloudera Manager

Operations with Cloudera Manager

  • Restarting Cloudera Manager 
  • Understanding and restarting supervisord
  • Automating restarts of cluster services

Managing Services

  • Identifying and installing Parcels
  • Add and remove CDP services

Configuration Management

  • Configuration changes to properties
  • Configuring Role Groups

Incident Management

  • Configuring monitoring, alerting and notification
  • Rolling back changes


  • Managing Role logs
  • Managing log rotation

Problem Management

  • Role logs and diagnosis
  • Cloudera Blog, Community, and Support


  • Creating Support bundles
  • Limiting Support bundles
  • Redaction rules


  • Create custom dashboards
  • Create custom reports

Performance Tuning

  • Cloudera Manager tuning properties
  • Tuning Cloudera Manager

Resource Management

  • Managing Roles and Templates
  • Adding Workers
  • Decommissioning and removing workers

YARN Queues and Jobs

  •  Install and Configure YARN Queues
  • Running and Managing jobs

Upgrading Cloudera Manager CDP

  • Backup Cloudera Manager and the scm database
  • Upgrading Cloudera Manager

Managing Clusters with the REST API

  • REST API documentation
  • REST API Swagger UI
  • REST API command line
  • REST API shell script

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