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About This Training

This 1-day course by Cloudera Education introduces Cloudera Observability, a service designed to help you interactively understand your environment, data services, workloads, clusters, and resources. Its wide range of metrics and health tests empowers you to identify and troubleshoot both existing and potential problems. Cloudera Observability also provides prescriptive guidance and recommendations, enabling you to quickly address issues and optimize solutions. After a workload is completed, the Cloudera Manager Management Service's Telemetry Publisher collects diagnostic information about the job or query and the processing cluster, sending it to Cloudera Observability for analysis.

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What Skills You Will Gain

Participants will develop the following skills:

  • Comprehend the benefits of Cloudera Observability.
  • Configure Cloudera Observability for CDP Public Cloud.
  • Understand Cloudera Observability deployment architecture for both CDP Public and Private Cloud environments.
  • Determine system requirements for workload clusters.
  • Install Cloudera Observability.
  • Classify workloads for analysis using Workload Views.
  • Manage user access to workloads.
  • Configure cost center criteria within Cloudera Observability.
  • Set up action alerts for jobs and queries using Auto Actions.
  • Utilize Cloudera Observability Metastore Analytics.
  • Troubleshoot effectively with Cloudera Observability.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is ideal for new and existing Cloudera Private or Public Cloud users seeking to leverage the benefits of Cloudera Observability. The course is particularly valuable for platform administrators, data practitioners, budget owners/controllers, and solutions architects. A general knowledge of monitoring concepts is helpful.

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Course Details


  • What is Cloudera Observability
  • Cloudera Observability Capabilities

Cloudera Observability Tech

  • Cloudera Observability Online
  • Cloudera Observability Air-Gapped
  • Strategic Features
  • Observability Essential Adoption
  • Configuration Tasks for CDP Public Cloud

Deployment Architecture for CDP Private Cloud

  • Security Considerations
  • System Requirements
  • Network Port Requirements
  • Configuring Telemetry Publisher
  • Redacting Data
  • Adding a Proxy Server
  • Observability Installation

Managing Workloads and Users (Self-Service Analytics)

  • Auto-Generating Workload Views
  • Manually Generating Workload Views
  • Managing User Access to Workloads
  • Observability Access Roles
  • Exercise: Creating Workload Views
  • Exercise: Assigning Access Roles in Cloudera Observability

Working with Alerts, Costs, & Reports (Financial Governance)

  • Analyzing Environment Costs with Cloudera Observability
  • Triggering Action Alerts Across Jobs and Queries – Auto Actions
  • Working with Cluster Reports
  • Exercise: Configuring Cloudera Observability Cost Center Criteria
  • Exercise: Creating a Cloudera Observability Cost Center
  • Exercise: Displaying Costs Associated with a Cost Center
  • Exercise: Creating an Auto Action Event

Understanding, Identifying, & Addressing Problems with Cloudera Observability (Service Health Monitoring)

  • Analyzing Tables with Cloudera Observability Metastore Analytics
  • Validations in Cloudera Observability
  • Analyzing Hive Queries
  • Exercise: Analyzing Hive Queries
  • Exercise: Analyzing Impala Queries

Troubleshooting (Expedited Issue Resolution)

  • Troubleshooting Abnormal Job Durations
  • Troubleshooting Job Durations: Task Duration
  • Troubleshooting Failed Jobs
  • Troubleshooting with the Job Comparison Feature
  • Exercise: Analyzing Spark Jobs
  • Exercise: Analyzing MapReduce Jobs

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