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Advanced analytics at the scale of IoT

Traditional data management architectures lack the scalability and flexibility to manage the volume, diversity, and speed of data that IoT generates. Cloudera provides an end-to-end data management platform that enables organizations to capitalize on all of their IoT data and drive advanced analytics and machine learning, in order to derive value from IoT.

Today, customers are using Cloudera Enterprise to power some of the most compelling IoT use cases across industries.

Key use cases

Predictive maintenance

Effectively monitor the condition of your assets in real time—predict failures, reduce downtime, and lower costs.

Connected vehicles/telematics

Enable stream processing and advanced analytics on data from connected vehicles.

Smart cities

Raise the efficiency of public services, improve safety and security, and elevate the citizen experience.

Why Cloudera

Capitalize on all of your IoT data

Easily ingest, store, and utilize all of your IoT and sensor data in real time, or in batch mode, at a lower cost per terabyte.

Cloudera for IoT

Real-time IoT analytics

Utilize Apache Kudu and Apache Spark™ to drive real-time processing and analytics on all your IoT data, including data in motion and data at rest.

Apache Kudu for IoT


Hybrid cloud. On-prem. Or both.

Analyze all of your IoT data regardless of where it lands—in the edge, on leading cloud platforms, on-prem, or in a hybrid mode.

Top 5 IoT use cases

Advanced analytics and machine learning for IoT

Accelerate exploratory data science at scale and build machine learning models using Cloudera Data Science Workbench.

Unlocking Data Science in the Enterprise

Octo Telematics - Transforming insurance services with IoT

Read the Ovum case study on Octo

Shoppermotion reinvents retail analytics using IoT

Read the case study

Cloudera’s IoT partners

Learn how our partner ecosystem can help.


Powering the Internet of Things with Apache Hadoop


Managing Data in Motion


Enabling the Connected Car Revolution

Solution Brief

Predictive Maintenance in a Connected World

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