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Cloudera Powers Huajin Securities To Build a Modern Data Platform For Efficient and Intelligent Operations

Huajin Securities Co., Ltd. is an integrated securities broker with full license based in Shanghai, offering securities underwriting and sponsorship, securities asset management, securities brokerage, securities proprietary trading, alternative investment, and many other services. Huajin Securities recognizes the crucial role of data in today’s digital economy. 

The Securities Industry Imposes High Demands on Data Storage and Governance

As the digital economy accounts for nearly 40% of China's economy, digitization has become essential for any financial institution. For the securities industry, implementing digital transformation is not only an intrinsic requirement to promote the high-quality development of the securities industry, but a key initiative to better serve the real economy and meet customer needs.

Huajin Securities always focuses on the value of data for its business operations. With its growing business and, as a result, increasing data, however, its traditional data center no longer meets the emerging developing requirements. Huajin Securities needs to update all aspects of its CRM system that is required to concurrently run several major projects. As the traditional data warehouse cannot effectively isolate privileges and share computing power, it has to build separate computing power for different projects, wasting huge amounts of time and resources. Moreover, due to the growing volume of data, the existing data warehouse failed to meet efficient storage of massive data.

Address Challenges with a Modern Data Platform

In August 2022, Huajin Securities turned to Cloudera for building a modern data platform that efficiently processes and computes data to power intelligent business decisions.

“Fully open sourced, Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) offers great flexibility to our R&D team. Based on the open codes of various software in CDP, we can customize and re-develop according to project requirements, and, enabling us to  deliver systems that meet business needs at the fastest speed possible. We successfully started production at the end of 2022 since moving to CDP in August 2022,” said Mr. Frank Zhu, Head of Data Services Group of IT Division at Huajin Securities.

Data Drives Intelligent Business Operations

The migration to CDP has brought significant benefits to Huajin Securities by leveraging open-source components. For example, historical data indicators are often modified or deleted during the processing of data metrics, which is fully supported by the Kudu storage engine. Kudu also supports distributed data storage and horizontal scaling with continuous addition of nodes to store massive data when resources are no longer sufficient. Compared with traditional data warehouses, Kudu greatly improves R/W efficiency, and reports that used to take more than ten minutes to load can now achieve second-level responses.

For brokers, business executives typically need real-time visibility into all types of data. With Kafka and Flink, components of CDP, Huajin Securities offers real-time visibility into the leading cockpit, allowing managers to have a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of all business indicators. In addition, privilege isolation, user isolation, and computing power-sharing are enabled through Ranger, giving users access to different resources.

“After switching to CDP, we have unified the administration of our big data platforms. Our projects can be developed and utilized based on CDP to avoid overlapped construction, significantly reducing hardware investment and labor costs while accelerating development. Now, our developers can focus on data development without worrying about the underlying architecture," said Mr. Frank Zhu.

Huajin Securities will continue to expand the adoption of more CDP features to build a real-time data lake with flow-batch integration, further driving data-driven business intelligence innovation.

After adopting CDP, we streamlined big data platform management, eliminating redundancy, cutting costs, and accelerating development. Developers now prioritize data development without architectural concerns. Now, our developers can focus on data development without worrying about the underlying architecture.

Frank Zhu, Head of Data Services Group of IT Division at Huajin Securities

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