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Interactive Hadoop tutorials

Quickly get started with enterprise Hadoop with all-inclusive interactive tutorials. Using these tutorials, you can experiment and explore the full capabilities of Cloudera Enterprise to see how you can get more value from your data, fast. Tutorials are available as part of the Quickstart VM or the Hue interface.

Online HUE Tutorial

Explore real-world Hadoop examples in this pre-deployed, read-only environment. Using HUE, the open standard Hadoop user interface, you can experiment querying data using the leading analytic tools available with Cloudera Enterprise. 

The read-­only demo environment is hosted on and sessions will last for three hours at a time.

QuickStart VM

Try out the latest version of Cloudera Enterprise, complete with pre-loaded datasets and built-in tutorials. This lightweight VM is also ideal for building proof of concepts, testing new releases, or developing your specific workloads in your environment.


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