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I was impressed with the training. The instructor was knowledgeable and answered all the questions that the class brought up, the class was very thorough, and the documentation was in depth and easy to understand.”


"Cloudera offered the unique added value of incorporating insights into its courses from the use cases that are driving the Hadoop market."

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The Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP) program delivers the most rigorous and recognized big data credential. Cloudera certifies true specialists who have demonstrated their abilities to execute at the highest level on both traditional exams and hands-on challenges with live data sets. CCP is both a tool managers can use to verify expertise and a resource for finding or cultivating the talent they need to launch and scale their big data projects.

Beyond the technical merits of its training courses, Cloudera's certification validated Hadoop and my experience in the eyes of management. It’s often difficult to get buy-in when proposing new technology, and Cloudera’s efforts are very helpful in that regard."  

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