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Optimize your big data workload for the cloud

Data Engineering

Elasticity and flexibility for large-scale data processing and data science activities

Analytic Database

High-performance analytic SQL with the elasticity to grow and shrink as business needs change

Operational Database

Empower key decision makers by delivering the right data at the right time, with the cost and convenience of the cloud

Use elastic infrastructure to lower TCO

Pay for what you need.  Infrastructure is one of the largest expenses for big data applications.  Running on cloud infrastructure, Cloudera customers can minimize cost by matching infrastructure expenditures to the specific needs of different big data applications. Cloudera Enterprise customers can size compute and storage independently for each application and spin clusters up and down, or grow and shrink them as needed by the workloads.

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Own the cloud and you own the future

Right now, nothing can turn data into insights faster than the cloud. But where many traditional data management platforms are inflexible and unable to capture, process, and analyze data effectively and efficiently, Cloudera brings a truly unique cloud solution that enables your business to capture the most value from all its data. When it comes to winning with Hadoop in the cloud, we’re the most trusted name for many of the most trusted names out there.

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A unique value proposition for Hadoop in the cloud


Cloudera’s platform can leverage elastic infrastructure to size compute and storage independently, grow and shrink clusters dynamically, and clone net-new clusters for ad-hoc, transient workloads.


Preserve business flexibility and minimize cloud lock-in. Run your Cloudera workloads on any public cloud, or even in multi-cloud environments.

Enterprise Grade

Reduce your risk with the only big data platform that delivers comprehensive manageability, availability, security, and governance required for production workloads all on the world’s most widely deployed Hadoop distribution.

Cloudera cloud partners

Cloudera’s deep partner ecosystem helps guarantee you derive the most value from the cloud.


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