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Webinar: Get practical advice on migrating to CDP Public Cloud

Cloudera Data Platform

Manage and secure the big data lifecycle from the Edge to AI in any cloud or data center.


The world’s first enterprise data cloud

Finally, a big data platform for both IT and the business, Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) is:

  • Simple to use and secure by design
  • Manual and automated
  • Open and extensible
  • For data engineers and data scientists
  • On premises and public cloud

Realize the benefits of both private and public cloud with CDP Hybrid Cloud. It runs everywhere—on any cloud with any analytics and any data—so you don't have to compromise. 

Learn more about CDP Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid & multi-cloud

Operates across all major public clouds and the private cloud with a public cloud experience everywhere.

Multi-function analytics

Integrates big data management and analytic experiences across the data lifecycle for data anywhere.

Secure & governed

Delivers security, compliance, migration, and metadata management across all environments.

Open platform

Open source, open integrations, extensible, & open to multiple data stores and compute architectures.

CDP: Enabling IT to move at the speed of business

Deliver easier, faster, and safer self-service analytics experiences.

  • Enable cloud everywhere
  • Do cloud better
  • Optimize the data lifecycle

Enable cloud everywhere

Accelerate adoption of cloud-native data services for private and public cloud with CDP Hybrid Cloud.

IT has traditionally struggled rolling out bare metal infrastructure, sharing multi-tenant workloads on full-capacity servers, and managing data centers lacking capacity with maxed-out capital budgets. CDP provides welcome flexibility to IT and agility to business users by extending public cloud innovation to the data center, separating compute and storage for better control and agility, delivering a PaaS user experience, and bursting to the cloud when necessary.  

Globe Telecom: Enabling the digital lifestyle of mobile customers with a modern analytic environment

600PB of mobile data volume managed.

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Do cloud better

Deliver cloud-native analytics to the business in a secure, cost-efficient, and scalable manner.

Provide self-service access to integrated, multi-function analytics on centrally managed and secured business data while deploying a consistent experience anywhere—on premises or in hybrid and multi-cloud. Enjoy consistent data security, governance, lineage, and control, while deploying the powerful, easy-to-use cloud analytics experiences business users require and eliminating their need for shadow IT solutions.

Globe Telecom: Enabling the digital lifestyle of mobile customers with a modern analytic environment

600PB of mobile data volume managed.

Read the case study

Optimize the data lifecycle

Collect, enrich, report, serve, and model enterprise data for any business use case in any cloud.

High value, data-driven business use cases require modern, streaming real-time data and integrated analytics and machine learning service that are both easy for IT to manage and deploy and easy for business users to consume and operationalize. CDP makes it easy to deploy modern, self-service analytics and machine learning services for any data, anywhere, with shared security and governance and the flexibility to scale anywhere with the same experience.

Data lifecycle diagram

Globe Telecom: Enabling the digital lifestyle of mobile customers with a modern analytic environment

600PB of mobile data volume managed.

Read the case study

Cloudera Data Platform editions


  • CDP Public Cloud
  • CDP Private Cloud

CDP Public Cloud

Create and manage secure data lakes, self-service analytics, and machine learning services without installing and managing the data platform software. CDP Public Cloud services are managed by Cloudera, but unlike other public cloud services, your data will always remain under your control in your VPC. CDP runs on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

CDP Public Cloud lets you:

  • Control cloud costs by automatically spinning up workloads when needed and suspending their operation when complete 
  • Isolate and control workloads based on user type, workload type, and workload priority
  • Combat proliferating silos and centrally control customer and operational data across multi-cloud and hybrid environments

CDP Public Cloud services

Data Hub

Simplify building mission-critical data-driven applications with security, governance, scale, and control across the data lifecycle.

Learn more

Data Warehouse

Unleash hybrid and multi-cloud data warehouse service for all modern, self-service, and advanced analytics use cases, at scale.

Learn more

Machine Learning

Accelerate development at scale, anywhere, with self-service machine learning workspaces and the underlying compute clusters.

Learn more

Data Engineering

Orchestrate, operationalize, and automate complex data pipelines to increase efficiency and accelerate time to value.

Learn more

Data Visualization

Curate and deliver rich, visual dashboards and applications that accelerate operationalization of analytical insight across your enterprise.

Learn more

Operational Database

Bring unparalleled scale and performance to your mission-critical applications while securing future readiness for evolving data models.

Learn more

CDP Private Cloud

CDP Private Cloud is built for hybrid cloud, seamlessly connecting on-premises environments to public clouds with consistent, built-in security and governance.

The platform extends cloud-native speed, scale, and economics for the connected data lifecycle, enabling IT to:

  • Easily deliver analytics and machine learning services, up to 10 times faster than traditional data management solutions and cloud services to react faster to changing business requirements and eliminate shadow IT
  • Meet the exponential demand for analytics and machine learning services with a petabyte-scale hybrid data architecture that can flex to use private and public clouds, delivering faster time to value and supporting critical workloads at scale
  • Optimize and share compute infrastructure across the data lifecycle, increasing efficiency and lowering cost by reducing compute infrastructure requirements for analytics and eliminating data replication
  • Consistently and easily enforce security and governance policies across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Invest in a platform powered by open source, ensuring continual and rapid innovation to address evolving business requirements 
CDP Private Cloud diagram

CDP Private Cloud services

Machine Learning

Accelerate AI from research to production with self-service access to open tools for end-to-end machine learning workflows

Learn more

Data Warehouse

Modernize analytics with an auto scaling, high-concurrency, and cost-effective solution that ingests data anywhere, at massive scale

Learn more

Traditional workloads

Support the data lifecycle with a suite of analytic engines spanning streaming, data engineering, data marts, operational database, and data science

Learn more

Tools for technical users

Evaluate CDP: Demos and product tours

CDP demo

Watch technical demos aimed at both educating and inspiring users with deep dives into topics such as application development with Operational Database and building end-to-end data pipelines spanning edge devices all the way to the public cloud.

Get some answers

Discover CDP video tour

Get a look under the hood of Cloudera Data Platform in an eight-video product tour that explains the importance of connecting, managing, and securing the entire data lifecycle and details how individual CDP products work together to further that effort.

Watch now

Build skills: User resources & training

CDP technical resources

Save time with a one-stop-shop delivering resources for technical users aimed at helping you build skills and gain knowledge about Cloudera Data Platform, including videos, tutorials, blogs, training, events, community, Professional Services offerings, documentation, and more.

Get the details

Free CDP training

Get up to speed with a free, on-demand training course that walks you through the specific ways that CDP enables both business teams and IT staff to be more productive and explains its capabilities for turning data into actionable insight. Hear, as well, from two customers who have successfully implemented CDP.

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Cloudera Data Platform Datasheet


Six Strategies for Enabling Central IT to Deploy Cloud Data Management More Effectively


SMARTMIGRATE: Services for moving to the Cloudera Data Platform


3 key considerations for a hybrid cloud data platform

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