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The SaaS data lakehouse for fast and easy self-service analytics and exploratory data science on any type of data.


A powerful, yet simple cloud service for analytics and machine learning

CDP One is a SaaS data lakehouse with powerful analytic tools to accelerate insights and make them accessible to everyone. The service enables multiple analytic engines to deliver large-scale analytics on any data for ingestion, preparation, analysis, and prediction—without the need for specialized operations—which lowers your TCO and reduces risk.

Secure by design, CDP One provides continuous protection of your data. And companies can now achieve faster time to business insight by providing everyone from data practitioner to expert developers the self-service access they need for ad-hoc and highly customizable analysis across the data lifecycle through one secure, centralized data platform.

Key features

A data lakehouse service combines any data—structured or unstructured—from virtually any source  to support multiple analytic functions, including data warehouse and machine learning workloads, all in one turnkey service.

CDP One delivers capabilities for the entire data lifecycle from ingestion to machine learning and integrates with your existing tools.

Everyone from novice data practitioners to skilled developers can take advantage of low-code tools, analytics, and ML via a secure, centralized data lakehouse. Eliminate data silos by enabling secure, governed access across the organization.

CDP One is production-ready, continuously optimized, and secured, enabling fast and easy self-service analytics on any type of data without the need for specialized cloud, security or monitoring operations staff. This reduces risk and lowers TCO by 20 percent to 35 percent versus DIY cloud solutions, when including initial set up and operations of platform ops, sec ops, and support. 

Cloudera manages the platform and infrastructure, delivering continuous SecOps with end-to-end security including network, perimeter, and data security. This makes CDP One the ideal fit for sensitive, enterprise data because it removes the hassle of managing a separate cloud tenant.

Support modern cluster-based analytics and cloud-native container-based analytics with the cloud-agnostic user experience, consistent administration, and continual updates that users have come to expect from self-service analytics.

“We needed to build a data lakehouse to enable more users to run analytics on their complex and sensitive data, but didn’t have the right expertise to manage it, or time to hire additional resources. CDP One was truly the right solution at the right time, rapidly delivering secure and compliant global data science and advanced analytics. CDP One was ready to accept data in just two days, and some use cases went into production in just four weeks. And we did not need any new staff to make this happen.”

Gordon Coale, senior director, enterprise architect for data at CWT

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