Webinar: Introducing CDP Private Cloud 1.3


The on-premises data platform that moves at the speed of your business.

CDP Private Cloud delivers powerful analytic, transactional, and machine learning workloads in a hybrid data platform, combining the agility and flexibility of public cloud with the control of the data center. With a choice of traditional as well as elastic analytics and scalable object storage, CDP Private Cloud modernizes traditional monolithic cluster deployments into a powerful and efficient platform. 

An integral part of CDP Hybrid Cloud, CDP Private Cloud provides the first step for data center customers toward true data and workload mobility, managed from a single pane of glass and with consistent data security and governance across all clouds, public and private.

With CDP Private Cloud, organizations benefit from:

  • Rapid time to value through simplified provisioning of easy-to-use, self-service analytics in minutes rather than days, enabling rapid onboarding of new use cases
  • Improved cost efficiency with optimized resource utilization and the decoupling of compute and storage, lowering data center infrastructure costs up to 50%
  • Predictable performance thanks to workload isolation and perfectly managed multi-tenancy, eliminating the impact of spikes on critical workloads and resulting missed SLAs and SLOs
cdp private cloud diagram

CDP Private Cloud product family

Traditional analytics, cloud-native workloads, object storage.
The flexible on-premises platform that evolves with your business and its changing needs.

CDP Private Cloud Base

  • Traditional co-located workloads in a familiar cluster form factor, leveraging the latest open source analytics
  • Choice of data store options including HDFS, Ozone, and third-party object storage, meeting changing performance and scalability demands perfectly
  • Consistent security and governance with SDX, enabling safe and compliant data lakes with policy-based data access for more users
  • Direct, in-place upgrade for CDH and HDP deployments, delivering instant improvements in speed, efficiency, and security

CDP Private Cloud Data Services

  • Range of self-service containerized, cloud-native Data Services, delivering faster time to value thanks to simplified on-boarding
  • Fully separated, modern compute layer deployed to bare metal or VMs, increasing resource ROI thanks to more efficient utilization
  • Private Cloud Base is leveraged for SDX and data storage, reducing risk and improving efficiency with shared, governed data lakes
  • Stepping stone to CDP Hybrid Cloud for ultimate flexibility in data and analytics deployment across private and public clouds

CDP Private Cloud Data Services

Data Engineering

Orchestrate, operationalize, and automate complex data pipelines to increase efficiency and accelerate time to value.

Data Warehouse

Unleash hybrid and multi-cloud data warehouse service for all modern, self-service, and advanced analytics use cases at scale.

Machine learning

Accelerate development at scale, anywhere, with self-service machine learning workspaces and the underlying compute clusters.

ECS Logo

Private cloud for any data center

Cloudera Embedded Container Service (ECS) provides automated installation, configuration, and management of all required services to turn a pool of bare metal machines into a container-based private cloud, optimized for CDP Private Cloud Data Services applications. With ECS, organizations can go straight to reaping the benefits from private cloud for their data and analytics.

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Benefits of CDP Private Cloud

  • Faster, Easier Administration
  • Best-in-class data lifecycle solutions
  • Integrated Data Platform
  • Scalability & Performance
  • Secure & Governed

Faster, easier administration

Simplify management with a centralized and holistic view of the entire data lifecycle.

Manage, monitor, and orchestrate all analytics and platform services from a single pane of glass—not just for private cloud, but across CDP Hybrid Cloud. Advanced automation of deployment and maintenance tasks ensures predictable performance that guarantees SLAs and SLOs and delivers new analytics faster than ever.

In addition, slice upgrade costs in half with in-place modernization for CDH and HDP deployments as well as individually upgradeable workloads.

Read Upgrade to CDP Private Cloud Base - A Step by Step Guide

Screenshot of CDP Private Cloud Management Console

Best-in-class data lifecycle solutions

Accelerate data-driven decisions with powerful analytic, transactional, and machine learning workloads.

CDP Private Cloud delivers a purpose-built suite of analytic applications, each excelling in its own class to deliver powerful, performant, and functional analytics on all data.

Dedicated interfaces and capabilities for teams of engineers, analysts, and data scientists let them work with their data their way to uncover data-driven insights for better decision making. Self service reduces deployment of new analytics from weeks to minutes, increasing time to value for end users and improving efficiency for platform managers.

Consolidate your clusters

Integrated data platform

Eliminate data center silos storing and analyzing data, getting to deeper insights faster.

With both cloud-native analytical services and traditional workloads leveraging the same, single copy of data, CDP Private Cloud delivers interconnected analytics. Powerful analytics and data pipelines deployed with ease let data practitioners effortlessly share data context and results, ensuring swift value and deep insight.

CDP Private Cloud is a stepping stone to CDP Hybrid Cloud, providing the ultimate flexibility in data and analytics deployments across private and public clouds. 

hybrid cloud diagram

Scalability & performance

Optimize performance and efficiently match resources to demand across concurrent analytic workloads.

Resource optimization gives business-critical applications the dedicated power they need without contention, reducing the risk of missed SLAs and SLOs. Elastic scaling of compute and storage resources without redeployment dynamically matches the performance requirements to the workload and doubles resource utilization.

Cluster consolidation and elimination of data duplication drives further efficiency and reduces infrastructure costs by 30 percent.


Secure & governed


Ensure control and governance with built-in security for the entire data and analytics lifecycle.

CDP Private Cloud features an integrated policy engine to deploy security rules, authorization, and policies at every step of the data lifecycle while scaling to thousands of users without the burden of administration. The platform manages user access, monitors activity, and audits usage of shared data across every workspace for consistent governance. To meet the compliance needs of highly regulated industries, CDP includes end-to-end governance of sensitive data and can extend to all your clouds—private as well as public and hybrid.

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Introducing CDP Private Cloud 1.3

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