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Add predictability to your offload plan

More and more businesses are adopting Hadoop-based platforms to complement their enterprise data warehouse and offloading ETL and analytic workloads. But you need a plan to bring the right workloads to Hadoop. How can you assess the risk and true cost of offloading these workloads and understand what it takes to get there?

Cloudera Navigator Optimizer gives you the insights and risk-assessments you need to build out a comprehensive strategy for Hadoop success. Simply upload your existing SQL workloads to get started, and Navigator Optimizer will identify relative risks and development costs for offloading these to Hadoop based on compatibility and complexity. Navigator Optimizer is the plan you and your business can trust to always use Hadoop with confidence.

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Stay on top of changing data needs

Bringing the right workloads to Hadoop is only the first step. Hadoop’s flexibility means new, unstructured data is constantly being introduced, data models are changing, and data is being used and accessed in new ways. How can your data models keep up with the constant change and demand?

Only Cloudera Navigator Optimizer provides usage visibility to actively manage and recommend optimal data models as your users and workloads evolve.

Optimize BI performance

When it comes to analytics, performance is key. Data must be prepared and available for reports, analysts must be able to explore and run ad hoc queries, and your business can’t afford a session timeout for BI reports. To efficiently optimize performance for the latest technologies, like Hive and Impala, you need visibility into what users are doing with the data and when the queries themselves are to blame. Cloudera Navigator Optimizer gives you that visibility and lets you focus optimization efforts on critical areas and best practices. Say goodbye to missed SLAs, and free up your time to focus on results.

Building a data warehouse

With the fastest analytic SQL engine—Apache Impala—at its core, Cloudera Enterprise powers a new breed of data warehousing that hundreds of customers already rely on for their BI and exploratory workloads. Cloudera Navigator Optimizer now makes it even easier to start using Hadoop for the analytic workloads of today, while preparing your business for the questions of tomorrow.  

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Cloudera Navigator Optimizer is available as part of Cloudera Enterprise and is an integrated part of Cloudera’s leading data warehousing solution. Navigator Optimizer provides active data management for the fastest batch and analytic SQL engines, Apache Hive and Apache Impala, and is built with hardened security at its core. Navigator Optimizer also includes Cloudera’s expert support for additional peace of mind.

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Efficiently Offloading and Optimizing BI Workloads to Hadoop with Cloudera Navigator Optimizer

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