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Cloudera Signs Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS

Why Cloudera on Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Cloudera on AWS helps organizations get more value from their data in the cloud. Customers can rapidly, confidently and cost-effectively discover, procure and deploy the world’s first enterprise data cloud, powered by AWS. This allows for faster time-to-insight from their advanced analytics and machine learning services all while leveraging the power of the public cloud.

Enterprises are adopting a hybrid cloud approach

While more Cloudera customers want to move apps and data to the cloud, they also want to continue using their data centers. By having both on-premises and cloud environments, organizations will increase their agility. It’s easy to see why hybrid is gaining momentum. In a recent study, 451 Research found that over 60 percent of companies either have a hybrid cloud strategy in place or are actively deploying pilots. Looking ahead to the near future, hybrid cloud will only become more prevalent. A hybrid approach fits for many organizations as it allows them to make best use of on-premises infrastructure while using the cloud for additional or bursty workloads. Customers can achieve this hybrid strategy with Cloudera.

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) is a hybrid data platform that manages, secures and connects the data lifecycle in AWS. CDP Public Cloud delivers powerful self-service analytics across hybrid and multi-cloud. Customers have the flexibility to accommodate multi function workloads as they wish. Additionally, Cloudera’s hybrid approach allows customers to take advantage of cost efficiencies. As demands fluctuate, it’s easy for customers to scale compute resources up or down in the cloud, using and paying only for what they need.

Cloudera Open Data Lakehouse on AWS provides a fast, seamless, and trusted path to generative AI in the Enterprise. Moving workloads, including on-premises, to the cloud, requires minimal effort, eliminating the need to redevelop workloads.  This is due to the hybrid architecture of CDP that runs the same set of services on-premises and in the cloud. Organizations can deliver migrations of data and analytics to the cloud with minimal effort while minimizing risk.

Cloudera DataFlow for Public Cloud on AWS is a cloud-native universal data distribution service powered by Apache NiFi. The service enables data professionals to connect to any data source anywhere (edge, on premises, public cloud, SaaS), with any structure, process it, and deliver to any destination using a low-code, visual flow designer. 

CDP Machine Learning on AWS is the fastest and most cost effective way to stand up machine learning applications in the public cloud. CDP ML on AWS is more than just a ML tool point solution. It is a full suite of products & services that is already integrated and has security & governance. Plus it is managed and supported, all in a cost-effective way. With CDP ML on AWS, organizations can quickly stand up applications in the public cloud with a proven Cloudera general ML approach on a single, integrated modern data platform.

The Cloudera Data Platform running on AWS helps us manage our data, interpret analytics, and put those insights into action with customer segmentation so we can better tailor how our customers discover, buy and use our services.

Gil Genio, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Globe Telecom


About Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers —including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—trust AWS to power their infrastructure, become more agile, and lower costs.

Key highlights




Partnership highlights
  • Tight integration with AWS resources
  • Provides elasticity, agility, and ease of use for hybrid and public cloud by intelligently autoscaling workloads up and down for more cost-effective use of cloud infrastructure. Consistent user experience makes it faster and easier to analyze data.
  • Optimizes the data lifecycle with multi-function analytics that solves demanding business use cases with 3 primary services (Streaming Analytics, Data Warehouse, and Machine Learning) and additional, secondary services. All with a cloud-native, self-service user experience.
  • Ensures all workloads on the platform share common security, governance, and metadata. Users can efficiently find, curate, and share data, enabling self-service access to trusted data and analytics.

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Solution Brief

Cloudera and AWS

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