Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP)
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HDP Add-Ons

Hortonworks JDBC Driver for Apache Hive (v2.6.7)

Hortonworks JDBC Driver for Apache Hive (v2.6.2.1)

Hortonworks Connector for Teradata v1.5.4

Hortonworks ODBC Driver for Apache Phoenix (v1.0.8.1011)

HDP Search

Search for HDP is an add on to HDP, built on scalable, open, ML-integrated, standard text search technology. This query engine brings rich capabilities for relevance-based, best-match analytics over unstructured (text, image, sequence) data and allows Enterprises more audiences combine and correlate structured and unstructured data together. Download HDP Search here and get started with untapping the value of all your data.

Hortonworks JDBC Driver Documentation for Simba Hive (

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