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Data Ops will ingest and flow data across complex ecosystems within and out of the enterprise. Continuous data in motion all the time is the enterprise standard. Data Ops will ensure integrity, security and timeliness using concepts and tools, such as Apache NiFi and Apache Kafka, to design and implement end-to-end event-driven workflows. The end result always helps streamline business operations.

           LEVEL ONE

Cloudera Essentials for CDP (FREE)

Through video lectures, interviews, demonstrations, and customer stories, participants will explore the enterprise data cloud and Cloudera Data Platform.

           LEVEL ONE

Introducing - Cloudera DataFlow: Flow Management with Apache NiFi (FREE)

This course provides the fundamental concepts and experience necessary to automate the ingest, flow, transformation, and egress of data using Apache NiFi.

           LEVEL ONE

Apache NiFi Anti-Patterns (FREE)

During this series, Mark Payne, a Principal Software Engineer at Cloudera and co-creator of Apache NiFi, will explain several common ways that people use NiFi incorrectly or inefficiently. After explaining the weaknesses of each approach, Mark then shows how to improve those flows to make better use of NiFi's design and architecture.

           LEVEL ONE

DENG-157 Introducing Apache Kafka (FREE)

This module is designed for Data Engineers, Administrators, and others who want to learn stream processing administration, configuration, and applications within CDF.

           LEVEL TWO

Cloudera Training for Apache Kafka

This four-day instructor-led course teaches Apache Kafka, explaining its key concepts and architecture, and presenting several common use cases. 

           LEVEL TWO

DOPS-242: Ingesting with Cloudera DataFlow

Apache NiFi and this four-day course provides the fundamental concepts and experience necessary to automate the ingress, flow, transformation, and egress of data using NiFi. 

Cloudera Certified Data Operator

Learning Paths

Data Ops 

Streaming & DataFlow


Data Engineer

Data Engineering


Data Analyst

Data Warehouse


ML Engineer

ML Engineering


App Developer

Op DB & Visualization



Cloudera Data Platform



Cloudera Data Platform


Data Governance

Cloudera SDX


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