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ADMIN-230: Administrating Cloudera Data Platform

Cloudera's four-day course teaches platform administrators Cloudera Manager and CDP Private Cloud Base. The student will gain comprehensive knowledge and skills required to operate and maintain on-premises clusters.


ADMIN-236: Managing Apache Ozone

This four-day course teaches Apache Ozone architecture, internal operations, installation, file system usage, best practices, security, maintenance, monitoring, tuning, and testing.


ADMIN-332: Building Secure Cloudera Clusters

This four-day hands-on course for Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) administrators teaches the skills and practices needed to configure solutions that meet the most demanding technical security audit standards.


ADMIN-335: Running Cloudera Private Cloud

This four-day course teaches the architecture, deployment, configuration, and running of CDP Data Services on Embedded Containerized Services (ECS).


ADMIN-336: Running Cloudera Public Cloud

This four-day instructor-led course covers everything from setup to configuring various data services to execute workloads on the cloud on all major cloud providers using Cloudera Management Console.


Apache Spark Application Performance Tuning

This three-day hands-on training course delivers the key concepts and expertise developers need to improve the performance of their Apache Spark applications.


ARCH-492: Architecting Cloudera Edge to AI

Designing Edge to AI Applications is a 4-day learning event that addresses advanced big data architecture topics for building edge to AI applications to cover streaming, operational data processing, analytics, and machine learning.


Cloudera Streaming Analytics: Using Apache Flink and SQL Stream Builder on CDP

During this two-day instructor-led training course, participants will learn development and operations for Cloudera Streaming Analytics, a framework for low-latency processing and analytics powered by Apache Flink and Cloudera's innovative SQL Stream Builder.


Cloudera Training for Apache HBase

Cloudera Educational Services’ three-day training course enables participants to store and access massive quantities of multi-structured data and perform hundreds of thousands of operations per second.


Cloudera Training for Apache Kafka

This four-day instructor-led course teaches Apache Kafka, explaining its key concepts and architecture, and presenting several common use cases.


DANA-262: Analyzing with Cloudera Data Warehouse

This four-day Analyzing with Data Warehouse course will teach you to apply traditional data analytics and business intelligence skills to big data. This course presents the tools data professionals need to access, manipulate, transform, and analyze complex data sets using SQL and familiar scripting languages.


DENG-251: Building an Open Data Lakehouse using Apache Iceberg

This three-day course introduces Apache Iceberg, a high-performance open table format for organizing petabyte-scale analytic datasets on a file system or object store.


DENG-254: Preparing with Cloudera Data Engineering

This four-day hands-on training course delivers the key concepts and knowledge developers need to use Apache Spark to develop high-performance, parallel applications on the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP).


DGOV-221: Controlling with Cloudera Data Governance

This course helps customers use Cloudera Data Platform to address data governance tasks, motivated by the need for compliance with regulations such as the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the United State's Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


DOPS-242: Ingesting with Cloudera DataFlow

Apache NiFi and this four-day course provides the fundamental concepts and experience necessary to automate the ingress, flow, transformation, and egress of data using NiFi.


DSCI-272: Predicting with Cloudera Machine Learning

Enterprise data science teams need collaborative access to business data, tools, and computing resources required to develop and deploy machine learning workflows. Cloudera Machine Learning (CML), part of the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), provides the solution, giving data science teams the required resources.

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