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Cloudera Precision Medicine Program

Cloudera is proud to be a signal sponsor of President Barack Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI). Cloudera will support PMI by providing training and software, and will collaborate with academic and government research institutions doing non-commercial work on the use of data and analytics for healthcare. Cloudera is proud to be committing to train 1,000 precision medicine researchers in the latest big data technologies and data science techniques. Our 3-year commitment will include over USD $3M in software, training, and services across 50 organizations.

Cloudera firmly believes in the potential to change human health, discover rare genomic variants and rare diseases, and improve outcomes when genotypes, clinical, and environmental information come together at scale. Beyond research at the bench, we also believe in driving outcomes in the clinic today. Cloudera believes in the importance of educating and enabling the nursing community to use precision medicine findings and cues in their routine diagnostic recommendation and care delivery. Integration with real-world evidence, wearables, Internet of Things, and other emerging standards will make the results of precision medicine more tangible, accessible, smart, and personalized. Our successes at organizations like Cerner, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Mount Sinai School of Medicine are examples of the organizations improving outcomes.

In support of this mission, Cloudera has become a leading provider of technologies for precision medicine and downstream multi-omic analysis. We expect to be making announcements and posting blogs throughout the year on customer successes, research collaborations, technical innovations, new data sources with open access, and the results of our investment in PMI.


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Application Submission for Cloudera's Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI)

Cloudera will be adhering to the United States National Institute of Health definition of precision medicine. Successful applicants will be:

  • Institutions doing non-commercial work with policies of open publication of results and open source software releases
  • Working today in precision medicine, genomics, epigenetics, or other –omic disciplines or in a position to do future work in this space
  • Merging secure patient clinical data with either environmental data or –omic data or both
  • In position to use, collect, store or analyze public open data or internal data


Additional Resources

Links to innovative and contemporary population genomics and precision medicine initiatives and key players:


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