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United States National Institute of Health Precision Medicine Initiative Overview

The National Institute of Health (NIH) Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) is an effort to transform healthcare in the United States by bringing new technologies and rich new sources of data together to improve patient outcomes.

Precision medicine is an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person.

- According to the NIH

Precision medicine requires combining genomic and other molecular data with clinical, environmental, or lifestyle data to identify causes of disease and treatments specific to individual patients. The Million Patient Cohort, part of PMI, is an effort that would get consent and biological samples from one million American volunteers, sequence and process the data, and then put it in a repository for researchers and clinicians. For more information:

Precision medicine data sources pose challenges in both volume and variety. Genomic data sets can reach petabytes in size, and supporting one million patients requires petabyte-scale computer science. Researchers must work with data in a variety of formats, including clinical notes, diagnostic imagery, environmental sensor data, and more. This combination of variety and volume have made next-generation big data platforms essential to the precision medicine effort.


Cloudera Precision Medicine Initiative Program Overview

Cloudera is the world’s leading provider of big data technology. Cloudera delivers an Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) based on the popular Apache Hadoop™ project. Our EDH, which also includes open source projects like Apache Impala and Apache Spark, has been widely adopted by health systems, health plans, device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and researchers to bring together rich and diverse data sources, and to use powerful analytic tools to find rare variants in order to diagnose disease and to deliver better patient outcomes at lower cost.

Through Cloudera’s Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) grant program, researchers from higher education institutions can receive access to both Cloudera’s products (our EDH—for storing, processing, and analyzing data) and to on-demand training resources to help researchers put that product to use.

Relevant use cases include:

  • Capture and complex analysis of genomic data for individuals and populations

  • Combination of clinical data with genomic information and information in the literature to build a more detailed and richer picture of a therapy or diagnostic tool

  • Large-scale data analysis and processing for complex data types like text, imagery, and sensor data, and then linking that to relevant -omic data

Under the grant program, Cloudera will provide no-cost subscriptions to our EDH to 50 labs, and access to the courseware in our on-demand training portfolio to 1,000 individuals. Recipients of our software grants will be included in our training program, as the training program includes valuable content on installing, managing, and using the software.

Software Subscription Program Details

Cloudera will deliver a no-cost subscription license to our enterprise-grade EDH product to approved applicants. The subscription includes use of the full suite of storage and analysis tools, including Apache Hadoop, Apache Impala, and Apache Spark, along with our security and privacy capabilities, data governance and lineage services and systems management console for running the platform in production, at scale.

On-Demand Training Details

Cloudera On-Demand Training provides a self-paced training option for students to learn from Cloudera’s professional instructors without incurring travel costs or time away from the office. Cloudera On-Demand provides students access to our industry-leading curriculum and robust hands on exercises in a searchable, hosted environment. The content is available any time and from anywhere. Approved applicants will have access to an on-demand training subscription at no cost.  

OnDemand Training Catalog


Software & Training Donations

Software & Training donation recipients are limited to research labs within institutes of higher education in the U.S. working on precision medicine research by using genomic data merged with clinical data. Cloudera aims to support research across pathologies or research on a spectrum of diseases. While Cloudera aims to be inclusive, our training offering is currently only available in English. Since PMI is a United States government effort, only institutions based in the US are invited to submit applications.


OnDemand Training-Only Donations

OnDemand Training recipients need not be recipients of Cloudera PMI software. For more information on the On-Demand training. Based on eligibility, the grantee will be eligible for one of two catalog options:

Cloudera Educational Services OnDemand Full Developer Library

Cloudera OnDemand Administrator Training


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